How A Store Or Wholesale Warehouse Can Accept Credit Cards Without a Merchant Account


Would you like to be able to accept credit cards for your store or wholesale warehouse without having a merchant account?

A Credit card is a necessity that you must have to increase sales on your site. When processing a credit card, you need to apply for a merchant account first through your financial organization. Sometimes, this process can be hindered due to limited resources, this way; it is possible to process a credit card transaction without the high costs and requirements of a merchant account. In this case, there are many ways of accepting credit cards without necessarily having a merchant account, and they include:

1. PayPal
PayPal is a standard payment processor used by many online entrepreneurs. This third party payment alternative offers three methods to process credit cards. The processing fee is charged depending on the level of the service. Transaction fee starts from $0.30 and above. What you pay is also affected by sales volume. The three ways of processing credit cards include:

Standard Level- it is popular among those who sell products on their sites, auction sellers, and eBay. In this level, there is no monthly or startup fee; payment is only done when charges are processed.

Advanced Level- in this level, with an extra $5 your customers will enjoy exclusive features of the standard level all through. Its advantages to site owners include:
• When clients stay longer on your website, it boosts rating rank of the site
• There is retain control over the user knowledge since the customer's attention here

Pro Level- monthly fee is $30, and it has some advantages that include:
• Designing your client’s online experience by forming your checkout procedure
• PayPal’s Virtual Terminal permits you to use the phone while accepting credit card payments.

2. 2Checkout
2checkout is also among the leading methods accepting credit cards with an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB), and clients’ reviews are positive. Sign up process is easy and quick. Its advantages are:
• It features your brand, therefore, building brand allegiance
• It offers 25 currency payment alternative to your clients, allowing you to sell around the world
• Frequent billing enable you to auto-bill your customers for ongoing services
• The flat-rate fee is easy to handle.

3. ProPay
It is a popular choice among trades that have conducted total research; they are seeking a payment gateway with high rates. ProPay also has an A+ rating from BBB. Additionally, it is licensed by TRUSTe.

Features of ProPay
• Sign-up is easy
• It uses JAK card reader to process transactions on mobile gadgets
• For swiped card transactions the fee is 2.6 percent and 3.4 percent whereby a credit card number is keyed
• Customers are allowed to pay using touch-tone phone to key in credit card numbers
• It saves credit card record for recurring billings and ongoing services or subscriptions.

4. GoPayment, Intuit
GoPayment is one of the best among business people who sell from kiosks, trade shows or those who want process swiped transactions where customer and credit card are. If you have a booth at the AMSD show you should consider this option.

How Does It Work?
• First, it checks if your device is compatible
• Download the application and obtain your card reader for free
• Then, upload your badge and contact details to the application
• Finally, plug the reader into the headphone jack, and there you are!

Those above are the most convenient ways to accept credit cards without a merchant account.

If you are selling on eBay you will need a Pay Pal account, and even if you utilize other payment options on your website or in your store, you should try to offer Pay Pal as a payment option.

For international wholesale buyers you should consider alternate forms of payment to protect yourself.