Here Are The 10 Different Calvin Klein Shoes You Need TO know.


Calvin Klein is one of the most popular fashion houses and brands that deal in the line of fashion in the world. It is an American fashion that is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. The company was founded by Calvin Klein and his childhood friend Barry K. Schwartz. Founded 49 years ago in 1968 the fashion line deals with very many different lines of fashion products. One of the most outstanding lines that it handles is in the line of shoes. Here is a list and description of some of the Calvin Klein Shoes:

  1. Canvas High Top Sneakers

The shoe has a Calvin Klein logo on the side. It is available white and black navy colors. It has a rubber outsole making it very attractive. It also has a canvas lining making it an outstanding shoe.

  1. Mesh Sneakers.

The Mesh sneakers have well-knit and rubber upper in general. The shoe also has a textile sock liner and lining. With the logo being on the side, the shoe looks very attractive and comfortable always to have on.

  1. High Sneakers.

The shoe has a genuine leather in general with a beautifully combined textile lining. It also has a rubber and EVA outsole. The other feature that is outstanding about it is the fact that it also has a suede rim. It has an embossed heel logo as well.

  1. Sneakers.

The sneakers have a faux-leather upper with a textile insole and lining. They also have straps for a snug fit that are elasticated. With the logo on the side, the shoe is very durable.

  1. Suede Ankle Boots.

The Suede Ankle Boots have a suede upper just like the name suggests. The shoe also has a faux leather sock liner and lining with a beautifully embedded rubber outsole. The Calvin logo is located on the side.

  1. Leather Sneakers.

The Leather Sneaker shoe has a leather upper that is embossed. It has a sock liner that is faux leather with a lining that is faux leather as well. With a rubber outsole and a Calvin Klein that is embossed on the insole, the shoe looks trendy and outstanding.

  1. Canvas Sneakers.

The canvas sneakers have a canvas and suede upper just like the original name suggests. It is unique in that it has a faux leather trim and a lining that is textile. The Calvin Klein logo is on the side of the shoe.

  1. Rising Sneakers with Logo.

The Rising sneakers with Logo have a leather and neoprene upper that comes along with an embossed logo in general. The shoe also has a sock liner and lining that is faux leather. It also has a rubber outsole with a Calvin Klein that is on the side.

  1. Slip-On Shoes.

The shoe has an insole and upper that is textile. It has an EVA outsole with a leather trim in general. Its Calvin Klein Logo on the heel makes it very outstanding.

  1. Leather Slip-On Sneakers.

The shoe has a leather upper that has a Calvin Klein Logo. It has a rubber outsole that is well fitted with a faux sock liner and lining. It also has a suede edge. It is outstanding because it has elasticated straps that have a secure fit.


In conclusion, The Calvin Klein Company produces amazing shoes that have always been internationally recognized. You can never always go wrong with a Calvin Klein shoe.