HCC Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Certificate Program


The Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Certificate Program at HCC is open to anyone interested in fashion. To enroll, students must meet placement requirements. If necessary, students must complete appropriate English and mathematics course work. Students must earn 65 credits and achieve a 2.0 grade point average. A certificate in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing is available upon completion. Students must complete at least one course per semester and be accepted into the program.

Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Design

The Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Design (AAS) program is designed to equip students with the skills needed for careers in the fashion industry. Graduates of the program have gone on to secure design jobs with leading companies or even started their own lines. The program is led by highly-regarded industry practitioners. In addition to providing outstanding design education, this program also emphasizes social and environmental concerns and the work of innovative designers.

Students in fashion design programs-study material and surface properties, fabric properties, sustainable design, cultural analysis, and historical analyses of dress. In addition, they develop computer skills and use computer aided design equipment to develop patterns and sample garments for mass market. These students become well-rounded designers with both creative and management skills. Additionally, fashion designers are also recognized by businesses as valuable strategic assets. The Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Design program provides a firm grounding in core skills essential to the industry.

An Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in fashion design program is designed for those with college experience or who want to start a new career in the fashion industry. Parsons' program prepares students for entry-level positions in the field and helps them understand the terminology and technological skills of the field. If students want to continue their education, they can transfer their associate's degree credits to a four-year institution.

MCC is another college offering an online program in fashion design. The online fashion program is asynchronous. Students complete the coursework at their own pace. Students can choose between an apparel design specialization or an apparel merchandising concentration. Those who pursue an online program are able to complete the requirements of both programs with ease. If these courses interest you, contact an academic advisor at the school. AAS programs are offered at different times of the year.

The curriculum of an AAS in fashion design program includes a broad range of topics. Students learn the art of hand drawing, using CAD, patternmaking, garment construction, and more. They also develop practical skills necessary for working in the industry. During their studies, students will also participate in industry-sponsored events such as fashion shows to showcase their design collections. The AAS degree in fashion design programs lasts for five semesters and requires approximately six thousand dollars in tuition and $500 in books.

Interested students can choose between two-year and four-year programs in fashion design. Those who choose to pursue the degree in fashion design will be well prepared to advance their careers by completing a bachelor's degree. Santa Monica College offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the art, design, and technical studies of fashion. The curriculum prepares students for a four-year fashion design program through the development of fundamental skills in communication, draping, pattern making, and basic sewing.

Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising

The Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Merchanising program offers students a variety of career options. Students will be prepared for marketing product development, retail management, and more. The program provides students with opportunities to build portfolios and work under a faculty with extensive industry experience. It can be completed in 6 quarters, depending on the program. Other schools that offer the same degree include Southern New Hampshire University and Miami International University.

The fashion industry is huge, so earning a degree in fashion merchandising will prepare you for a career in any of these areas. Whether you want to work in design or sales, an associate's degree in this field is an excellent choice for many people. The growing need for fashion buyers and sales professionals is predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). You can also work as a window trimmer, merchandise displayer, or even a retail manager. Whatever career path you choose, an associate's degree can be the foundation for a long and fruitful career.

The curriculum of an Associate's degree in Fashion Merchandising is varied, and includes courses in marketing, design, and business. You will also study history of the fashion industry, how fashion influences our culture, and how to forecast trends. You'll also study textiles and fashion forecasting. You'll learn about the impact of fashion on society, and you'll develop a strong understanding of how buyers choose and act on it.

Once you complete an associate's degree in fashion merchandising, you'll be prepared to work as an entry-level merchandiser, social media brand ambassador, or sales representative. You can also continue your education by earning a bachelor's degree in fashion. After graduation, you can work as a fashion buyer, merchandiser, or visual merchandiser. Depending on your skills, you might even be able to work as an apparel product developer.

Students pursuing an AAS in fashion merchandising degree at PC can begin their career with retail buying, planning, and visual displays. Upon completion of the program, students can go on to work in clothing stores, vignettes, or wholesale merchandising. You can meet with an academic advisor at the historic campus of PC. The program director is Sherlyn Celaya.

While an associate's degree in fashion merchandising is not a bachelor's degree, it can be a great stepping stone to a four-year program in fashion design. Generally, it's much less expensive to obtain an associate's degree than a bachelor's degree. Before deciding which school to attend, be sure to verify the transferability of credits.

The courses are designed to teach students about the business of fashion. They will take general education courses and learn about retailing, business law, and the business side of the fashion industry. They will learn about fashion trends and the importance of color and design in marketing. Additionally, students will learn how to create stunning visuals, as well as the basics of retail principles. The Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising program will help you prepare for your new career in the fashion industry.

Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Technology

An Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Technology program provides a strong foundation in the art, design, and technical studies that are essential for a career in fashion. The curriculum builds upon core creative art skills and emphasizes technology, including computer applications. Courses emphasize the use of technology in the fashion industry and feature field trips and guest lecturers in the field. Students complete a senior project to showcase their knowledge of fashion and its components.

Students develop portfolios throughout their program, culminating in the final professional product in the capstone course. Students also gain valuable work experience by completing field studies in production and design houses and showcasing their work at an annual fashion show. Students may choose to pursue a full-time fashion design program or opt for part-time courses offered in the day. However, there are many options available for working in the fashion industry as soon as they graduate.

Choosing a college or university based on the cost of a fashion degree is an important consideration. Tuition can vary widely, but on average, an associate's degree costs $3,310 per year. In addition, prospective students must weigh the cost of a fashion degree against the likelihood of a job in the fashion industry. The lower the cost, the better. Ultimately, the cost of an Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Technology program is dependent on the type of program you choose.

An Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Technology degree program prepares students to enter the fashion industry as a garment designer. The program provides training in multiple levels of apparel production, fashion illustration, patternmaking, draping, and more. It also includes an internship program within a design studio. A degree in fashion design will require a C or better in all required courses. Once the student has completed all the necessary courses, they are eligible to enter a fashion design job.

MCC offers an Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Technology degree that can be completed online. This program focuses on the application of retailing theory and business knowledge. It consists of asynchronous online courses that allow students to complete coursework at their own pace. MCC also offers an online program that allows students to study fashion design and apparel merchandising. This degree program is suitable for working professionals who are interested in fashion but also have other degrees.

Students who pursue an Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Technology degree will gain industry knowledge, global awareness, and professional skills. Graduates of the program will be ready to enter the fashion industry after graduation. If they wish, they can continue on to a Bachelor's degree program in fashion design. A recent survey found that there are a variety of employers in the industry looking for people with these skills. The course is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).