Grandbelle International Review


Grandbelle International Inc is a freight forwarder that focuses on shipping to Nigeria.

When I first started my closeout business in Brooklyn I had a few retailers from cities such as Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, use their freight forwarding services to have their purchases delivered from my business to their boutiques.

As you might realize, the business sector is a vast network of companies competing for customers’ attention. There are a lot of good startups as well as veterans in each of their specific fields of expertise. One of the industries with the highest revenue and number of competing businesses is the logistics and shipping industry. One company that you should look out for if you are interested in this industry or needs some services done is the Grandbelle International Inc.

Who is Grandbelle International Inc.?

Grandbelle International Inc. is a small privately owned company located at 145 Hook Creek Boulevard, Valley Stream, New York in the United States. The company has been in the shipping business, particularly in the freight transportation services since 2003. Based on recent statistics, the company hails an annual revenue of $758, 754 with a full-time staff consisting of three people. Although the company is small with a very small staff, you can be sure that services provided are thorough and the company will see to your needs with professional expertise and care.

What Services Does the Company Offer?

If you need some freight services or any other shipping service accomplished, the company can serve your needs. If you need some cargo shipped anywhere in the world, the company provides shipment that can handle your needs. However, bear in mind that the main shipment routes are around the Middle East and the Red Sea.

The company offers direct shipping services that they can fulfill themselves. They also offer transportation arrangement for you. The staff can provide you with sound advice on which of their partner transport companies will offer the best service for you. If the company cannot deliver the cargo for you, they will ask their partners to do the job on your behalf.

The company has partners all over the world, Asia, Europe, Africa and other places that can serve as a liaison between you and the company in case your main site of business is not in the United States. The staff are friendly, experienced and are very much willing to assist you throughout the shipment process and can help you assure safe and on-time delivery. So, if you have inquiries or need more details about the services offered or the rates per ton of cargo or freight delivery, don’t hesitate to contact the company on their hotline, (516) 256-5666 or visit their official website,

Why conduct business with Grandbelle International?

Although quite small, ever since its foundation in 2003, the company has proven to have a good track record and the annual revenue is increasing. Before, the annual revenue as per recorded is $350,000, but the company has continuously increased through the years, and their annual revenue increased as well. It proves that the company is gaining more and more trusted and loyal customers.

Aside from the experience, the company partners with a lot of great shipping transportation specialists that can accept your job. If you opt for a freight arrangement, the company can help negotiate for the best rates of transport for your goods with their partner on your behalf. You can save expenses on the shipment compared to approaching transport shipping businesses directly.

I think it's important to always compare different shipping options, and to remember that the are other factors to consider besides just the price per kg or per pound that is being charged.

For instance, factors such as reliability and safety of your wholesale goods are just as important, especially if you are counting on the company to deliver thousands of dollars, or Naira, worth of closeout clothing.