Government Liquidation is an auction liquidity marketplace and a website that sells surplus and scrap assets of the United States Department of Defense. It has an exclusive contract to do that, and you can find it at this online address Also, the marketplace is a part of a large international network, named Liquidity Service, which is active all over the globe.

You can fill up your store, e-commerce website, or closeout warehouse, with products that government agencies liquidate for a fraction of the original cost.

The Government Liquidation service is using different online channels that enable potential buyers to purchase different military surplus in an open marketplace. Government Liquidation has more than 500 available commodity categories that are separated in several bigger groups. Some of these are aircraft parts, industrial machinery and equipment, uniforms and accessories and a few others. After choosing one of the categories, the buyer will see a large list of available surplus for selling. One who offers the highest bid will get desired goods, and that is the main method for buying.

The website is simply designed and easy to use, which is very important for successful trading. Anyone can easily navigate through it and see all available lists and auctions. However, in order to start bidding, one should create an account there. That is also a simple process, where you need to fill out a basic registration form. At the end, you will have to read and accept terms and conditions of the marketplace.

It is very important thing for both sides, but especially for the buyer. So, it is highly recommended to read these terms and conditions from the beginning to the end. You can accept or decline them after reading, and there is no obligation in any way. Still, if you refuse to accept them, you will not be able to bid and buy the goods.

Government Liquidation is a serious marketplace that manages more than one million square feets of warehouse space all over the United States. They have dozens of distribution centers only in New York, but almost all other states are covered as well. For easy navigation, there is an interactive map on the website, where you can see every location, and its current address. Furthermore, Government Liquidation has collected a list of verified shipping and packing company on the website. This can be used while choosing the way of delivering, and there you can find a trustworthy firm for the transportation.

Another good advantage of this liquidation service is a live support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, if you have some problem, or want to ask a question, you can do that whenever you want. There is a link in the right upper corner of the website that opens a contact form for communication. You can use it to start a conversation and resolve a potential problem.

Besides, it is important to mention that you can sell your surplus using this service and its whole international liquidity network. It does not need to be a military asset, and they will accept a different kind of goods. So, this may be a good method for trading, but that depends on many factors. And you will definitely know whether it is worth to you. Hopefully, this review will reveal some important information about the marketplace and will serve you as a good guide in your future business endeavors.