Global Industrial's HP2SL Pallet Truck


Global Industrial's HP2SL Pallet Truck has been designed for light lift truck applications. It features heavy duty aluminum construction and high performance parts to withstand the most demanding applications. This pallet is made by stacking individual pallets of drywall material onto steel frames to create a strong, stable structure for carrying products from one floor to another. The trucks come in both single and tandem side-by-side models and can be used to carry up to three pallets at a time. These versatile trucks can even be converted into a forklift. With an extremely durable powder coating finish, sturdy twin gear drive, and powerful axial motor with hydraulic system for maximum power and performance, this high-performance machine can handle the toughest jobs around.

This powerful industrial machine type comes complete with full-service fuel injection, wet & dry cooling systems, full-service engine and transmission, front and rear electric drive, and variable speed drive. With a powder-coated finish, it can easily resist rusting and denting. This durable, reliable pallet jack is made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame and polymer deck to ensure long lasting performance. Durable oil-free polyurethane steering, heavy-duty dual drum stroke, 3-stage tilting, and variable speed transmission assures high-performance operation.

Ideal for applications requiring maximum lift, this high-performance utility truck has the ability to lift up to two hundred and fifty kilograms and comes with an efficient dual-rotor vacuum system for greater pulling force. The forklift has a unique, quick-attach hookup that enables the attachment of up to four different types of pallets. It includes fully adjustable tilting and rotating capabilities for greater efficiency and ease of use, along with a front or rear bucket attachment. The machine is also outfitted with stainless steel side bins, a high-performance dust collector, and fully variable airflow systems for optimal performance.

This machine offers the best of both worlds-a heavy-duty forklift able to meet your most demanding needs in terms of lifting capacity and power, along with the versatility needed for a variety of commercial applications. Unique in-built technology makes it easy for the operator to switch from one application to another. For maximum versatility, the machine comes with two interchangeable backlit digital displays for easy tracking of capacity and other key performance indicators.

One of the most popular types of forklift available today, the Global Industrial HP2S Pallet Truck makes transporting pallets more efficient and smooth-sailing. This machine model is designed to eliminate the hassles associated with pallet storage and transport. An integral heavy-duty frame, a fully welded steel frame and powerful motors provide the most sturdy support you can find in a forklift.

When you need to transport heavy-duty or multiple pallets of materials, such as in a factory or warehouse setting, this machine can help you do more than save time and money. In addition to offering higher levels of capacity than traditional forklifts, this versatile piece of equipment can easily move between multiple locations with ease. Built with hydraulically operated motors, the machine comes with bucket attachments for easy resource management. Two high-performance dust collection bags come included for optimized air flow, and the machine has fully adjustable bucket rake and side bins for efficient storage of finished products. You can even add a vacuum system for added hygiene and convenience.

If you're looking for a powerful industrial forklift with the ability to move heavier loads around your facility, consider the Global Industrial HP2S Pallet Truck. Able to handle the most powerful and demanding pallets, this forklift is an affordable, reliable way to optimize floor space and improve production efficiency. A fully welded construction makes it one strong, versatile pallet truck that you can count on for many years to come. Whether you're transporting pallets of raw materials, finished products, or both, this truck is designed to manage the task with ease.

When you want to move your industrial equipment quickly and efficiently, the Global Industrial HP2S Pallet Truck is a great choice. Ideal for a variety of tasks including light lifting and material collection, this forklift is more than ready to help you meet your needs. Available in two styles - the Envoy and the Elite - this machine is perfect for all types of facilities. The rugged, low-profile construction, powerful motors, and wide range of pallet configurations mean that the HP2S pallets offer you more than just extra capacity; they offer you versatility that you'll love.