Getting Great Deals on Used Clothing at Bulk Used Clothes


Getting a great deal on used clothing can be difficult. There are three main categories that you should be familiar with: Premium, Mixed Rags, and Credential. These categories are what you'll be most interested in, so read on to learn more. offers a variety of options for clothing ranging from used jeans to high-end designer pieces. You'll find great prices, too, because used clothing is sold in bulk at reasonable prices.

Credential clothing

When you buy bulk used clothing, you might be asking yourself whether it is still worthy of being branded as new. The answer is yes, if it has been credentialed. Credentialed used clothing never undergoes any sorting, grading, or processing. Compared to mixed rags, it is of better quality and often contains newer clothes, designer labels, pairs of shoes, and vintage items of high value. Approximately 5 billion pounds of clothing is donated to charity organizations and thrift stores each year.

Most of the bulk used clothing that is sorted by a third-party company comes from Africa and Central/South America. Premium mix rags have lower percentages of wipers, Pak/India, and garbage. Credential clothing comes in a variety of varieties, including loose, baled, and mixed. Typically, the weight depends on the type of packaging and loading used. The weight of credential used clothing can range from 25,000 to 30,000 pounds.

The supply of used clothing is increasing every day, and most clothing and textiles donated to charities and thrift stores go unsold. Since donations outnumber demand, the excess clothing is baled and sold as bulk. Ninety percent of these textiles end up being sold as bulk used clothing, while the rest is recycled into other products. By using this method of reselling used clothing, organizations help the environment and save money at the same time.

Mixed Rags

If you are looking for a great deal on clothing, consider buying your mixed rags at a wholesale vintage store. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will also be saving money! These clothing pieces will be considerably cheaper than what you would pay in a traditional brick and mortar store! In addition to saving money, buying mixed rags will be a good way to support your local economy while promoting the Circular Economy.

Mixed Rags are used clothing that cannot be resold due to rips and stains. They are also usually tagged as institutional mixed rags. This type of clothing is then sold in bulk bales and sold by weight, and they are also sometimes called "B-grade" second-hand clothes. By purchasing these clothes, you will be helping the environment and saving money! You will find a wide variety of styles and prices at bulkusedclothing.

Mixed rags are an important part of the used clothing industry. The average thrift store receives 2.5 million tons of used clothing annually, but only 10% of that is sold to resale stores. This means that more than four billion pounds of secondhand clothing are destined for landfills. Fortunately, there are places where you can buy these garments and support the environment. Just be sure to check out the Mixed Rags at bulkusedclothing stores for the best deals.

Unsorted clothing

If you're looking for great deals on high-quality used clothes, you might want to check out unsorted clothing at The clothes are hand checked, sorted, and graded for the highest quality. And they come in many different categories! If you're looking for vintage clothing or retro clothes, you might even find a few of them. With bulk used clothing, you can save a lot of money by buying quality used clothing and reducing your waste at the same time.

The cheapest way to shop for bulk used clothing online is to visit This site sells clothing in bulk, which is typically one shipping container or semi-load full. Make sure to shop for unsorted items - many sellers cherry-pick their merchandise and sell duds. Then you can save money and make a huge profit! Many items are cheaper at regular thrift stores.

Credential clothing is another type of unsorted clothing. It comes from donated clothing. Unlike other used clothing, these pieces are untouched and often worth more. These clothes are still in the original donation bags and may contain shoes and accessories. You can be sure that you will get your clothes promptly. Just make sure to bring your wallet or purse with you when you shop at That way, you can save money on new clothes and get a great deal at the same time!