Get Wholesale R & M Richards Floral-Embroidered Dress and Jacket


Are you looking for an absolutely gorgeous and beautiful dress to wear at any party or wedding? Well, R & M Richards Floral-Embroidered Dress and Jacket is a perfect option that you can choose. The dress is so elegant and very comfortable to wear. The sheer jacket over the floral embroidered dress just make it look perfectly feminine and classy. The jacket is the best part of this dress and it comes with open neckline. The length of the jacket covers till the thighs. The sheer three-quarter sleeves looks amazing and very chic. Another great thing of this dress is that you can wear it both with and without the jacket.

Talking about the dress, it comes with a concealed zipper at the back along with hook-and-eye closure for the smooth and perfect fit. The beautiful embroidery floral work done throughout the dress look very classy and beautiful. The neckline of the dress is square-shaped. This dress comes with a polyester lining which definitely help to emphasize the embroidered floral design on the dress. You will definitely look amazing in this dress and it can be worn in any wedding or parties. So, buy the wholesale R & M Richards Floral-Embroidered Dress and Jacket for the next party.

This dress is indeed a beautiful one which can definitely grab a lot of attention. Be ready to get flooded with appreciations. Even for outdoor morning parties and weddings, the color and texture of this dress is perfect. What you will love the most about this dress is the way it perfectly fits in. This dress comes down to the knees but it can go below the knees too depending on the height. So, if you are looking for a perfect party dress for your upcoming event, then you must buy this wholesale R & M Richards Floral-Embroidered Dress and Jacket.