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General Wholesale

The General Wholesale Company is a wholesale distributor of liquor, wines, and beer based in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1991, the Plaintiff was hired by the company to sell beer and wine to fifty retail stores in Cobb County. She worked four days a week, and spent Fridays at the company's headquarters. The company also engaged in importing and exporting. As a wholesale distributor, the General Wholesale Company distributes liquor, wines, and beer across several states, including Georgia.

In 1996, the Plaintiff's condition deteriorated, and he was forced to undergo peritoneal dialysis to treat his kidney disease. This procedure, performed in the workplace, lasts approximately 25 minutes and is completely painless. Plaintiff had to perform this procedure four times a day, during her lunch break and before she began her shift at General Wholesale. Her dialysis treatment continued throughout her employment with General Wholesale.

Although the plaintiff continued to work at the company, the circumstances surrounding his dismissal were less than ideal. In 1995, five customers complained about Miller's performance at General Wholesale and requested that he be removed from their accounts. In response, Shaw placed Miller on probation for falsifying his records. Plaintiff's excuse was that he had written down the wrong program number, but the fact is that the situation was much more serious than she realized. In addition, Jones had disciplined him for not paying attention during sales meetings, and that he had noticed Plaintiff "dozing off" during some of these meetings.

The Georgia General Wholesale Company is a successful family-owned beverage alcohol distributor seeking professional sales representatives to join their expanding sales team. With annual case volumes in the double-digits, this Georgia-based wholesale company is one of the fastest-growing beverage alcohol distributors in the state. It is located in Augusta and northern Florida. Its daughter, Jane Howard, married William D. Young in 1963. Bill Young took over management of the company after his father passed away in 1965. His sons, Bill Jr., Howard, and Steve, joined the company after college.

Plaintiff also points to evidence that Shaw's comments about Plaintiff's health were not direct evidence of discrimination. Her comments and inquiries about Plaintiff's health suggest that Shaw had a discriminatory motive to terminate Plaintiff because of his kidney condition. Plaintiff also argues that the conversation suggests the alleged discrimination was a result of Shaw's failure to provide reasonable accommodations. Further, Plaintiff claims that the conversation about his health was a cause for dismissal.

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