Geaux Chapeaux


The name of June's company derives from her Louisiana Creole/Cajun roots - Geaux Chapeaux, pronounced go. Her mission is to empower style-conscious women to express their individuality through hats. She creates and designs her hats using materials she loves and collects. Her hat library includes several hundred hat blocks and French flower-making irons. June is also the proud owner of her first hat collection, a French beret.


Based in Westchester County, NY, Geaux Chapeaux is a hat company that specializes in handmade hats, headpieces, and bridal millinery. Their designs are inspired by vintage styles and modernized to fit contemporary tastes. Owner Evetta Petty creates a wide range of styles and is celebrating her 25th year in business. Her love of colour, pattern, and form is reflected in her hats. Her inspiration comes from her personal collection of hats, which includes several hundred blocks.

Hats: Chapeaux to Geaux

Located in Westchester County, NY, Geaux Chapeaux Millinery specializes in handcrafted hats, headpieces, and bridal millinery. Inspired by the classic styles of yesteryear, their designs are modernized and updated for today's tastes. Designer Evetta Petty creates a variety of hats for all types of occasions. She is a self-taught milliner with a library full of hat blocks, French flower-making irons, and more.

The French chapeau is back in style with the fashion world. Moreno wore a feather chapeau to win the Oscar for her role in "Anita," 60 years ago. Chapeau means "bravo," and has returned to the fashion scene as a result. While it isn't as popular as it used to be, it has made a comeback, thanks to Vaughn.

Brand: Geaux Chapeaux

A New York-based milliner, Bryant Baranco founded the Geaux Chapeaux millinery shop in 2012. His mother, June Baranco, runs the business. Geaux Chapeaux specializes in hand-crafted hats. His hats are unique and designed to express his personal style. The boutique sells hats for every occasion, from weddings to corporate events. Geaux Chapeaux aims to make hat-wearing fun and empowering for women.