Flea Market Business In Jamaica


Have you considered starting a flea market business in Jamaica?

Take a look at this comprehensive list of the top flea markets of Jamaica.

Whatever it is you’re looking for in your spree in Jamaica, the Islands' unique culture is reflected in her markets and uniquely so. I take you through five of these symbolic, fun soaked markets with their high-spirited vendors with that typical Caribbean humor. Here you will be overwhelmed by the wide array of crafts, clothing, souvenirs and novelty wares. Truly, this is a culture of such richness, second to none. A Jamaican market in full swing is a place for business, commerce and socializing and the very essence of Jamaica. 

Always make sure that you have the right wholesale products for your clientele!

Coronation Market, Kingston
This market has global recognition. It is the pulsating, noisy, colorful, happy energy that hits you. At the center is the huge cast-iron hall that houses the main market. In Jamaican culture, it holds a fond place as Jamaica’s stomach’ and the heart of Jamaican business. A giant complex warren of sheds housing every possible vendor, even a mere stroll around the Coronation Market will suffice to get you bouncing. It is the cheapest market, cheaper than the other markets and much frequented by locals. It is the primary location where farmers across the village come to sell their produce.

Kingston Craft Market
It is the oldest market in Jamaica dating back to 1692, so says an account by Edward Long in The History of Jamaica, dated 1774. It is at the foot of the town, close to the water-side. The largest open-air market in Kingston, It is best visited on Friday, the weekly market day. What to buy is a mundane question. It is the principal place for clothing. Baskets, wood carvings, handcrafted jewelry, to name a few. Some aspect of Jamaican culture is showcased in the paintings sold here. This market also sells varieties of Jamaican rum, jellies, puddings, and other pastries. A bit of caution though. Be wary of pick-pockets.

Island Village and Ocho Rios Craft Park
Home to the somewhat controversial statue of Bob Marley by Jamaican artist, Christopher Gonzales, Island Village market is a lodestone for Rasta and Bob Marley themed clothing, souvenirs, straw items. It is home to Margaritaville, a famous Bar and restaurant. Located at Ocho Rios, this is one of the largest markets with vendors selling a host of goods including the famous Blue Mountain coffee. The market is close to the port where cruise-ships dock and hence can get very crowded. It is one of the most popular tourist towns

Negril Craft market
Located between Negril Beach and the Negril River, this market has a specialty. The place if you want keepsakes relating to the iconic Bob Marley, music, Tees, shorts, towels, woven caps and so on. Also the ideal place to pick up stuff for a beach-side party. Special stuff like hammocks, wood carvings, etc. also finds a place here. 

Harbour Street Craft Market
Located in downtown Montego Bay, you can find here colorful stalls packed with one-of-a-kind exquisite wood carvings, kitschy Rasta Tees, and home-grown coffee.

A curated list of Jamaican must buys:
Blue Mountain Coffee-cultivated for over 200 years and harvested as one of the World’s finest coffee. It is mild, robust, full-bodied and lacks bitterness. Non-coffee drinkers can get candles made from coffee-scented beeswax.
The best visual artists in the Caribbean- Barrington Francis, Taj Watson, etc. All capture the essence of the country.
Jamaican Scotch Bonnet- one of the hottest chili peppers in the World
Jamaican Jerk seasoning- a delicious spice mix for cooking.
Carvings- Superlative craft made of heavy wood depicting representations of Jamaican culture.

And so much more

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