Finding the Best Clothing Manufacturers in Peru


Are you looking for reliable Clothing Manufacturers in Peru? If so, read this article and discover how to find the best ones. We will talk about Venator Knits, Colca Fabrics, Hialpesa, and Textimax among many other brands. And, we will talk about their labor practices. Are their products made of high-quality fabrics? We will also discuss how these companies manage the shipping process. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us!

Venator Knits

The apparel manufacturing company Venator Knits is a member of the EMIS group. It produces circular and flat knitted garments. This Peruvian clothing manufacturer was established in 2005. It is dedicated to the middle market segment and offers complete services for all aspects of clothing manufacturing, including yarn sourcing, clothing production, and customer service. It also offers custom designs, such as t-shirts.

The company first introduced sweaters and now offers an extensive line of artisan made original designs in native Andean luxury fibers. Founded by a group of designers, the collection celebrates ethnographic textiles from around the world and is hand-crafted by skilled Andean artisans. Among its products are polo shirts, rugby shirts, sweatshirts, and knit T-shirts.

The company also provides OEM service. They are able to manufacture a wide range of apparel based on customer needs and specifications. Pimacd uses Peruvian Pima cotton, Supima cotton, and Tanguis cotton for its clothes. Their skilled workers and craftsmen are able to translate customer design ideas into a comfortable, fashionable fit. The Pimacd clothing company is located in Lima and is a leading apparel manufacturer in Peru.

A clothing manufacturer in Peru is called a "venator" because it produces a wide range of apparel. The company started out as a textile factory but has since grown into a manufacturing company. It exports apparel to the US, Canada, Spain, and Argentina. The company specializes in providing manufacturing services, such as knitting, and makes quality knitwear and turtle necks. These garments are both comfortable and durable.

Colca Fabrics

Hialpesa is one of the largest vertically integrated textile mills in Peru. It specializes in knits and offers a full range of apparel, including basic T-shirts, henleys, polos, and sweaters. In addition, the company offers organic cotton, including long staple Pima and Tanguis blends. It also offers heat transfer and embroidery services. This clothing manufacturer is WRAP certified.

In addition to producing fabrics, Colca Fabrics also makes accessories from alpaca fiber. They cater to some of the world's most prestigious markets and have clients in over 200 countries. The company offers men's and women's clothing, as well as outdoor and sportswear, as well as workwear and accessories. The company can also produce custom apparel and accessories for brands. Interested in partnering with a Peruvian clothing manufacturer?

The company has become a leader in the textile industry. Their high-quality fabrics are used to manufacture top-end garments for major brands. ASA offers sourcing services, including price negotiations, quality assurance, documentation, shipping consolidations, and personal support to customers. The company uses cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process to achieve excellent results. Some of its clients include Anthropology, Gap, and POLO Ralph Lauren. It also has several clients including Chico and Ralph Lauren.

Several international brands have been established in Peru. The country has free trade privileges with the United States since 2009. As a result, it is the 36th largest trading partner of the U.S. It is also close to the U.S. and shares similar benefits with other countries, such as same-day communication and tariff-free trade. A few key benefits include:


One of the largest textile exporters in Peru, Hialpesa began operations in 1998. They offer services for spinning, weaving, dyeing, and garment manufacturing, along with embroidery and prints. The company sources from a number of countries, including Italy, Argentina, and Venezuela. Read about HIALPESA in our recent interview. Its products are available in more than 100 countries, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Lyon Apparel Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business in Lima with over 45 years of experience. It has a team of highly skilled workers and is a leader in Peruvian apparel manufacturing. They pride themselves on sustainable and ethical manufacturing. Their workers enjoy access to on-site daycares and cafeterias. In addition to this, they are eligible for scholarship funds and receive on-site dental and medical care.

Hilanderia de Algodon Peruana, one of the largest textile and clothing producers in Peru, has refused to reinstate workers whose contracts were invalidated by the labour authorities. This forced the company to call the police, which prevented workers from entering the factory. They also called the police after 136 workers refused to sign the dud contracts, which they later argued had no basis in law. The labour authorities subsequently invalidated a total of 1,008 short-term employment contracts, making these workers permanent. Despite this setback, Hialpesa continues to engage in endless legal appeals.

Another Peruvian fashion manufacturer is Pimacd, which is famous for its custom manufacturing and unique styles. Since its founding, this company has been active in the Peruvian textile industry, and has already earned a reputation internationally. The company uses pima cotton, and employs skilled craftsmen and experienced workers to make its clothing. These manufacturers also offer fast delivery. Many of them are able to deliver finished goods in as little as six weeks.


Textimax Clothing Manufacturers in Peru are a leading supplier of cotton garments in the world. The company was founded in 1991 and is currently ranked as one of the most prolific exporters of Peruvian textiles by the country's exporters' association, ComexPeru. Its factories are capable of knitting up to 800,000 tons of fabric each month. Its Peru factory also offers embroidery and heat transfer services.

ASA is Peru's leading textile agency. They offer quality assurance, price negotiation, documentation, shipping consolidations, and personal support to their customers. ASA utilizes high-end technology and has a global network of clients including Gap, Anthropology, and Chico. In the fast-fashion industry, speed to market is a crucial factor in ensuring success. Textimax Peru is able to meet the needs of brands and retailers with high-end quality and speed.

The country is home to the largest textile exporting company in Mexico, Confecciones Textimax S.A., which has experienced 40% annual growth since 1991. A World Bank report estimates that China will take over 60 percent of the U.S. textile market by 2010 and its exports of certain textile products have increased dramatically since quotas were lifted on a range of items in 2001. Its share of exports of robes and brassieres has jumped from five percent to 50% in less than two years.

Peru textiles firms are constantly experimenting with fabrics and raw materials. They recently invented an ultraviolet fabric made of marine algae and cotton. Their production process is fast and efficient. Many leading textile firms can deliver a finished product in as little as six weeks. With modern technology, these textile manufacturers have been able to meet the demands of their global clients. So, what are you waiting for? Make an order today and find out!

Formative Sports

If you're looking for high-quality, fast-delivery athletic apparel, Peru has several options. You can try TSG, a Peruvian manufacturer of clothing made with Pima cotton. The company's mission is to provide high-quality athletic apparel while promoting sustainable manufacturing. Its Peruvian factory can produce 40 tons of fabric per month. Its two brands include Ecobebe and Rikury. Its textile-based apparel is available in different color combinations and fits, and it has a partnership with local cotton growers.

Hialpesa is one of the largest textile mills in Peru, specializing in knit fabrics and garments. It says costs are competitive and quality is tightly controlled. Hialpesa uses organic cotton and pima/modal blends to make its clothing. Its facility is also WRAP-certified and uses both recycled and non-polluting water-based dyes. It also offers heat transfer and embroidery services.

Another option is Lyon Apparel Manufacturing, a family-owned business with over 45 years of experience in the textile industry. The company opened its Peru factory in 2015 and delivers Pima cotton basic clothing to global brands. It has 156 employees and produces 50,000 pieces of clothing per month. It has been producing sports apparel for big brands for a number of years, and boasts a highly efficient manufacturing process. Its Peruvian factory is equipped to handle any order, and provides a number of services including cutting and sewing, printing, embroidery, and fashion design.

Another option is to source Peru's garments from overseas. Many Peruvian apparel manufacturers are WRAP certified and pay social security. They are usually able to meet WRAP compliance standards and offer a better wage than their competitors. The minimum wage for unskilled workers is $300 per month. This country is perfect for brands that value fit and quality. Prices are typically close to cost, but delivery and negotiations are inevitable.