Finding Clothing Manufacturers in the Big Apple


If you're planning to launch a new clothing line, then you're looking for Clothing Manufacturers in the Big Apple. But where do you turn? What is the process? How long does it take to produce a sample in New York? According to Dillane, it takes about eight months to create a sample, which is a prototype garment used to make a pattern. Another two weeks are needed to find a factory, and the sample takes yet more time to produce.

Stylus Apparel

As a fashion designer, you may be looking for a custom clothing manufacturer for your next project. Whether you're looking to expand your business or need a uniform for your employees, Stylus Apparel has you covered. From fashion to corporate, we make a wide variety of clothing and accessories to fit every need and budget. You can count on our apparel manufacturers to help you make the right impression with your next project.

While many clothing manufacturers are now located overseas, the manufacturing business remains in the United States. Located outside of New York City, Stylus Apparel is the last apparel manufacturer located in the country. Whether you're looking to design a new clothing line for your company or a uniform for your staff, Stylus Apparel can help you create a unique brand and offer fast turn-around.

From small production facilities to full-scale production lines, Stylus Apparel is capable of turning your abstract branding ideas into tangible products. In addition to clothing, they also offer uniforms and custom merchandising. Using 100% American labor, Stylus Apparel is committed to ensuring that their clothing is of the highest quality possible. The company also prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction.


When it comes to cutting-edge clothing technology, Dynotex Inc. in Greenpoint, New York is a top contender. The company specializes in custom-made apparel and accessories. Their unique contracting services include pattern-making, in-house cutting, grading and marking, and bulk production. Using this grant, Dynotex aims to improve their pattern-making and fabric cutting capabilities. They plan to purchase Lectra's 3D solution and an automated cutting system.

Storytellers and Creators

A new brand of luxury vertical clothing manufacturer has opened in Brooklyn's Navy Yard. Storytellers and Creators create luxury garments ranging from screenprinted hoodies to bespoke jackets. The factory is modeled after a school, and designers and employees are separated by just six feet. The company also produces bespoke jackets for the city's medical staff. You can view the full range of clothing available for sale at the company's online store.

The brand, Night Owls, was founded by Sun Yi, a former creative director at Wevio. He went on to found his own creative agency, Night Owls, two years later. His agency, which specializes in visual identity development through storytelling, has worked with Fortune 500 brands, including Columbia University, Seiko, and Swell Bottle. His creative team has received prestigious industry awards for its work and became a member of the Forbes Agency Council in 2020.

Stellar Fashion Consulting

If you're looking for a partner in the clothing manufacturing process, Stellar Fashion Consulting in New York City is the answer. With significant industry experience, Stellar provides an in-house service and a global network of partners. From in-house development to full-production and after-sales services, the team at Stellar is committed to providing quality products and on-time delivery. They also offer supply chain management services to streamline the entire supply process for any size brand.

With more than 15 years of experience, Stellar Fashion Consulting can simplify the process of apparel manufacturing. Their services start with a digital mock-up process that evaluates the uniformity of colors. They also analyze the colors using the Pantone system and a variety of lighting sources. The final step of the process involves a detailed analysis of the fabrics and other materials. If a color is inconsistent or out of the desired shade, Stellar will make a recommendation.

While Apparel Production offers domestic and international manufacturing services, they focus on quality fabric and affordable prices. Established in 1947, Apparel Production has been a significant supplier and partner to leading fashion companies for more than seven decades. CEO Teddy describes Apparel Production's New York wholesale store as a "resource for small businessmen and women."

New York Fashion Laboratory

The New York Fashion Laboratory (NYFTLab) is an accelerator program designed to develop young designers. Its headquarters are located in Manhattan's Garment District. Its network of offices is spread across the United States and Canada. Its mission is to foster innovation, improve customer satisfaction and drive sales growth. To help these companies succeed, NYFTLab offers mentoring, workshops and connections to investors, brand partners, and other industry experts. Applicants must have an innovative product, have an outstanding team, and be willing to work with industry professionals to develop their products.

NY Fashion Lab has several programs. It has a Tech Runway Demo Day and a Retail Tech Innovation Program. This program matches early-stage companies with retail enterprises for mentorship and financial support. It also provides access to senior executives from participating fashion retailers and the opportunity to refine technology products. This program is co-founded by Springboard Enterprises and The Partnership Fund for New York City. It also hosts workshops and panel discussions for emerging fashion technology companies.

The NYFTLab is a program that connects startups with retail, beauty, and technology. The companies selected for the lab's 2022 Lab will participate in curated workshops and sessions with retail partners and industry leaders. In the first cohort, companies will focus on B2B innovations in the fields of fashion, beauty, and technology. Representatives from Burberry, Levi Strauss & Co., Macy's, and Levi Strauss & Co. are among the industry leaders.

Save the Garment Center

The initiative to Save the Garment Center is led by fashion designers like Anna Sui and Nanette Lepore. The campaign is supported by numerous apparel manufacturers and local organizations. The city has been losing businesses and jobs to non-conducive zoning laws. To prevent further losses, many have stepped up to help save the garment center. The goal of the initiative is to help clothing manufacturers in New York grow and thrive in their local communities.

The Garment District in New York City has long been the hub for textile manufacturing, but global trends have altered the way this sector functions. In fact, the fashion industry in New York City has been declining steadily for the past half century. Many domestic clothing manufacturers have gone overseas to find cheaper labor, and others have closed shop. With this in mind, Save the Garment Center for clothing manufacturers in New York is important to the future of the fashion industry.

The garment industry in NYC began in the early 1800s as factories produced clothes for slaves in the South and soldiers in the Civil War. As demand for clothing increased, the garment industry was relegated to the Lower East Side, where workers were often immigrants. Most of these immigrants were Italians or Eastern European Jews. They made clothing in these tenements and often worked long hours behind locked doors. The garment industry grew in the city, and tenements were used as manufacturing centers.