Express Air Freight is a fast-growing company that specializes in air freight forwarding, domestic and international. With their partners both domestic and international, Express Air Freight can arrange complete door to door deliver anywhere in the United States and worldwide. With a highly trained and knowledgeable staff and over 25 years of customer service and sales experience, Express Air Freight knows how to get the job done even amid tight deadlines. They’re unique in that they automatically fax all export shippers flight information, a luxury not provided by many similar companies. Express Air Freight was founded in 1990 and strive to be the top in customer satisfaction and service.

Express Air Freight covers the United States and 155 countries. They collect the wholesale shipment and deliver right to the consignee along with a customs clearance. Not only do they deliver door to door, but they also deliver from airport to airport and door to airport. They can pick up the shipment directly and send it to any customs airport in the world. They will notify the consignee of the delivery and provide a proof-of-arrival confirmation. There’s also the option of delivering the shipment to them. They’ll take care of the rest, providing a worry-free delivery guaranteed to get where you need it. Express Air Freight is also flexible, with many full or part-aircraft charter options to meet your needs, and they provide consolidation, oversize, expedited, and first flight out services as well.

Express Air Freight not only does air forwarding, but ocean forwarding as well, allowing you to ship goods quickly and reliably.. Just like their air services, they deliver door to door or port to port in order to meet your needs., and they work with you to process all regulations, tariffs, and export/import requirements, making shipping across countries easier than ever. And no matter whether you ship by air or by sea, Express Air Freight gives you the ability to track your shipments through their online tracking system at your convenience.

No business can operate without people, and Express Air Freight’s headquarters in John F Kennedy Airport in New York is manned by David Marx, acting President of the company. He works along side Ronald Marx, Vice President, and Gary Marx, director of customer service. Together, they have made Express Air Freight what it is today, a quickly-growing company that delivers your shipments to anywhere on the globe reliably and efficiently.

The company can be contacted using its toll free number 1(800)878-0303. Their experiences staff can help you find the best plan to get your shipment where it needs to be. You can also visit to find out more about the company, use their online tracker, and ask for a quote in order to get a better idea at their rates and what services they provide. Everyone has different needs when shipping good throughout the United States and the world, an in order to give the more accurate and fair rate, it is important to lay out the details of what you need. Whatever your needs are, you can be sure that Express Air Freight will do all they can to fulfill them.  

I have shoppers in my wholesale warehouse send their merchandise to their boutiques in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa, with this freight forwarder.