Exporting Brand Name Clothing To Sell In Africa


Before exporting brand name clothing to sell in Africa, one requires the understanding of the needs of the customers in the market. By this, one ensures that all the products he exports are the best for the market and will be sold immediately or else they will not take a long time to the store. Remember, it is a wish for every seller to sell all of his/her products to earn a profit within a short period.

One should research on the market progress before exporting the clothes. Research the customer's tastes and preferences, for example, to sell suits in Nigeria; you are required to know which style of suits people prefer. For most cases, the bankers wear suits, but knowing the brand and style preference is important.

· When buying from online suppliers in Asia, Africa, and other far-off places, make sure you do adequate research as both the distance and the difference in quality checks could easily misguide you about your expectations.

· It is advisable to source designer wear from these suppliers as buying them at exorbitant rates from the manufacturers directly, would force you to raise your prices, driving away prospective customers.

· When you are dealing with a wholesaler of clothing articles, it is imperative that you decide in advance what kind of garments you want to sell. This will help you zero in on the supplier that best mirrors your vision of where the industry is headed. 

· The market for children's clothes is vast and fast-growing. This is because children outgrow clothes very soon and parents also tend to indulge in buying the very latest and the best for their kids.

· Wholesale dresses are available both through online wholesalers and in closeout warehouses. While the prices might be more favorable in the former, you are sure of what you are purchasing in the latter instance as you have the clothes in front of you.

· There are many wholesale websites through which you can purchase wholesale products for Africa. My website, CloseoutExplosion.com, offers brand names such as Tahari, Calvin Klein, R&M Richards, London Times, and others, at below wholesale prices. 

For you to win their hearts and buy your products, you have to purchase recognized brands, e.g., Tahari, Jones New York, Calvin Klein, etc.

You can take a chance on a new brand if you feel its style is complimentary to what your prospective customers like buying. 

In case of when selling in mining areas of South African, you need to sell the clothing’s best for the miners that is the best protective gear. You should also select the suitable wholesalers for African clothes to meet the needs of your customers. 

When marketing your products, it is important to use online marketing tools like Google and Facebook where most people easy access. The following are some of the factors to consider when buying clothes on wholesale to sell in Africa.

· The apparel industry scene is bursting with genuine traders and quacks alike looking to make a quick buck at your expense. It is not so easy to differentiate between the two when you are a novice yourself in the arena. This is why you should only deal with the reputed and big names in the wholesale clothing markets when you commence operations.

If you are able to, I would strongly recommend that you visit the New York Fashion District. There are many fashion showrooms that specialize in carrying clothing that is suitable and appropriate for Africa. 

You might also want to check out online pallet marketplaces such as Liquidation.com and Bidstock.com.

Some of my African customers will even visit discount retailers such as Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory to look for clearance items which they can resell at a profit in the countries in which they live in.