Wholesale Lot of 24 Expandable Fly Swatter


Do away with those unnecessarily large, long, gross, unappealing, and inconvenient fly swatters and replace them with this expandable fly swatter! This fly swatter is smaller than a traditional swatter when collapsed at 10.25", and even longer than your average swatter when extended at 28", making it great for getting spiders hiding in walls, flies high up in the air, moths fluttering near lights, and more! If you'd rather set the bugs free, you can have them walk onto the swatter, place a small cup over them, and release them outside! The swatters come in two colors; purple and neon green. 24 come packaged in an open display box with twelve of each color. The swatter has a grooved handle for precise gripping and a closely-knit swatter to ensure no bug escapes its wrath but features squares for air to pass through for swift swatting. The swatter is made of strong and sturdy plastic. ,Expandable Fly Swatter,