Eliot Millman Auction Services


One of the ways that retailers can buy merchandise at below wholesale prices is by attending auctions. 

Eliot Millman is an auctioneer based in New York. His primary focus is liquidating merchandise and equipment from businesses that are closing their doors.

His website, Eliotmillmanauctioneer.com, is set up to help businesses to quickly and efficiently wind up their operations by undertaking auctions and liquidations. It also extends services to real estate as well as any other appraisal needs.

The auction company has existed for more than 45 years and served clients across all professions such as banks, government organizations and law firms, thus exhibiting a commanding sense of experience in successful service delivery.

Other services included are mortgage and property services where clients from judgments, bankruptcies, liens as well as foreclosures are attended.

Services Offered

Services in auction and liquidation - In this broad category, the website sets the stage by clearly informing about the company undertaking the services. That is, businesses are firstly given exposure to prices and shown the optimal values expected.
Depending on the agreement reached, the company goes ahead to auction whatever has been handed which may be plumbing companies, business inventories, cloth stores, contraction companies, estate contents as well as estates.

The site also informs that the company can as well put equipment, offices, complete estates and even office and its furniture for public sale.

Services in appraisal - The site is very categorical in the information on the appraisal services as it shows that the company ensures that the property of the client company is well and valued accurately, of course in addition to other services they offer. There is a completely equipped professional appraisal branch in the company to undertake such valuations on valuables, antiques, and businesses with their inventories.

These could also be insurance purposes to assist the client companies. In this category, therefore, the site is completely informative as an alternative and further inquiry, there are buttons for their contacts that would ease a customer’s search.

Services in mortgage and property - The site gives a brief but to the point explanation of how the services are undertaken. It informs that the company undertakes the processes that are necessary in order to avail to the clients and companies the money due in property and mortgage. That is to mean the company stands in place to represent the client firms such as businesses, banks, and law firms.

In extension, the company can undertake purchases, liquidations and mortgage collections on behalf of clients. The site also shows that the company is a duly licensed realtor.

Site layout 
At first glance, the layout of this website represents a professional and organized company that undertakes clear business. The arrangement of the navigation tabs is in the simplest way such that a site navigator has an easy task to locate tabs and quick navigation.

The main tabs namely home and services are just placed immediately after the company logo and at the bottom of the homepage thus making it even easier to locate them. There are also tabs that link to the social sites just next to the logo making it visually appealing.

Font and colors
The font color is a mixture of blue, red and black. Blue is mostly used on headings, red used for hyperlinks and contacts while black is used for text explanations. The web background color is white making all the fonts used to appear clearly. There are also pictures that denote aspects of action, mortgage, and sale services and thus a client can relate the website to the company.

The font size of the standard size that is easily readable therefore making readers comfortable. The navigation tabs are also visually interactive as they change color in pointing and will tell the navigator that the site is fully responsive.

You can follow his auctions, as well as see listings from other auctioneers, by visiting auctionzip.com