EJ Samuel Fashion


It wasn't until a recent pandemic forced the suspension of Samuel's shooting schedule that she noticed her signature aesthetic. The Nigerian designer was inspired by her heritage and incorporated this into her designs, which she subsequently exhibited on her website. During the pandemic, Samuel had to cancel her shooting schedule and create a short film. Filmmaking is an extension of her passion for visual storytelling.

Her inspiration

EJ Samuel's inspiration comes from her background in branding and imagery. She has styled hip-hop stars like Young Thug and Dave East and sports athletes all across the NBA. She has worked with countless celebrities and brands, including Nike and has a collaboration with Justine Skye. Currently, she is developing her own clothing line called EJ Samuel. To learn more about EJ Samuel, read on!

Her designs

The founder of eJ Samuel fashion, ADE SAMUEL, is a New York native. He is also the sole designer of the brand Ade Samuel Shoes. His work is odd, playful and rooted in his Nigerian heritage. While the onset of the pandemic forced him to halt his shooting schedule, Samuel was able to continue to develop his designs through hand stitching.

Her website

The EJ Samuel Fashion website offers a variety of suits. Their suits are available in different sizes and come in many different patterns and colors. Single breasted blazers and shawl lapel blazers for men are available in the EJ Samuel catalog. For more sophisticated looks, you can also order a two-piece suit with a plaid vest. Regardless of your needs, you will be able to find the right style for you.

The suits at EJ Samuel are known for their rich fabrics and stitching. They are designed to fit every body type perfectly and offer a variety of different trends. For the summer months, the brand has launched new cotton suits in checked designs. These suits are perfect for warm weather and are very light weight. They are also regarded as world-class trend-setters, so you'll look great in one. There is something to suit your taste and budget at the Ej Samuel Fashion website.