Wholesale Tally Taylor – Style 4548: Modern and Classic at Once!


Feeling desperate to apply your personal style to your suit? In the past, I had also experienced that feeling! I am a black woman with a slender body; not too thin and not too fat. I, a few years ago, often had a hesitation whenever I bought a suit. I found it difficult to compromise between my "closed" dress style and "modern" but still classic-nuanced dress style, the things I always want for reflecting my personality. Until a few months ago I found Tally Taylor. This is a ladies suit manufacturer that is able to offer many things to my taste. I found some products sold wholesale (actually quite a lot) that interested me but what was most interesting was its style 4548.

This is a two piece high collar suit. Available in two colors; silver melt and white, the style 4548 is suitable for being used by every woman, regardless of their skin color. For those of us who are black, color selection should be done carefully (not to be racist), and the 4548 style is perfect one for combining metal silver with "metallic feel" which implies it is perfect if combined with "dark skin colors." If worn with a women's hat, you will look like women in the 18th century but the color selection used (using modern beautiful print) ensures this setting is able to glow like "astronaut clothes", thereby combining modern elements on the surface.

Sold at a price of $ 324.75, this suit is quite affordable and can bring a luxurious feel to anyone who wears it. With 24” jacket length and 29” dress length and available in 6-18 (16W-26W) sizes, this suit is suitable for young dynamic women who want luxury without diminishing the element of practicality. Three things that guarantee the luxury are Tally Taylor's big name itself and Beautiful Print & Rhinestone Buttons. Sold wholesale, you can get the style by visiting http://www.tallytaylor.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=78_138&products_id=2746#.WgDsA2hSz.