Drop Shipping Software Options For Wholesale Product Sellers


Drop shipping can be a great business model for wholesale product sellers.

Drop shipping is usually marketed as easy and simple to start, cited as good especially for first-time merchants. It is in fact far from being just indispensable since it hides a huge amount of information that are only realized only when one lunges into the business. Let's identify some of the most significant drop shipping software reviews.


This drop shipping software was founded in 2002 and can be called one of the most experienced in the world. It is attractive to users due to its flexible pricing and its easy-to-start opportunity. With over one million drop ship products and almost 100 suppliers, the software is remarkable enough. This is a software that allows you to get one of the four plans most suited for your company’s budget and needs. The plan is totally free. This software works well for newbies ready to familiarise themselves with the industry. Without any financial commitment

Additionally, this platform allows you to automate routine tasks such as importing product information to your website. It automatically updates your product information daily if the supplier makes any changes. However, this suitability is only found in two of its expensive plans. The inexpensive ones offer you the ability to access import product data via its data feeds. Such information includes description and images. There are also various integration options available for owners of internet stores on over 20 of its platforms.


Hublogix formerly known as EcommHub is an ecommerce automated platform whose purpose is downsizing the efforts and time spent by entrepreneurs on operations from the sales counter to delivery. This platform is especially handy for internet business owners who sell on several marketplaces and storefronts working with numerous suppliers. The software provides a wide variety of integration capabilities for ecommerce platforms such as magento, BigCommerce, shopify, 3dCart and Volution. Ebay and Amazon marketplaces can also be integrated within the same account enabling you to manage all your sales networksin one place. Hublogix helps in the automatic tracking of real-time inventory levels, it then routes the orders for you to be able to know their status. Hublogix helps you control the shipments and thus find out how far the shipped product is to its destination. It has reporting capabilities to enable you determine their store performance from within your account dashboard.

This software is available on 3 platforms varying by the total number of orders to be prepared beginning with 100 onin the platform plan. Every other order that exceeds the limit is automatically paid. Additionally, there is a $99 one-time payment for the onboarding program and $49 for each vendor.


This is a B2B platform whose target is mid-sized businesses. The goal of this software is to streamline entrepreneur’s shipping operations. It automatically integrates between suppliers and retailers, assisting them to exchange their order data, products and inventory. The unique architecture of this program is key to how it performs its task.