Dolce e Gabbana Dresses Fashion Report


Heavily embroidered pieces, inspired by the woodland fairy tale, the Dolce e Gabbana dresses are usually designed in the magnificent floral patterns ingeniously incorporated together with the background color of the dresses. 

The designs of the dresses invites you to take a close view of the rich colors in the woodland as well as nature in general as printed on the garments .The deigns are made unique with a dark medieval which matches the encrusted flowers. The rich brocade dresses are usually printed with colorful patterns all easy to wear in a simple and gorgeous manner. Let’s review a selection of some of the most beautiful dresses from the enchanted wears.

Floral-Print Full Cotton Skirt, Pink

The pink dress provides a truly bottomless and an inspirational design which is simple and easy to wear. This is another unique design that draws on yet another facet of Sicilian culture, which in this case is the interaction between nature and the ancient Greece. So, when the designers used old prints of ruined flowers as sprints on the dress, they add a pleasing quality on the dress. Ionic columns are reproduced on both sides of the dress giving the dress a more flash of wit. The floral patterns are designed as if they are exploding into chunky petals especially when the dress is gripped with a belt. The hard and soft design of the dress is one of the most common signatures used by the Dolce e Gabbana the same way as a woman in a bustier and a black lace slip.

Rose-Paneled Poplin Tunic Blouse, White Pattern

The Gabbana poplin blouse is designed with rose-print panels on the front. The tie neckline is built to cover the entire neck region with long sleeves and button cuff. The sleeves are oversize silhouettes crafted using cotton and rayon. This design can be described as formal design in the sense that the design embodies the blend of reality and the irrational world that can only be imagined. There is a pretty grounded feeling of this design as it is at its most when it blossoms.

Dolce e Gabbana Sleeveless Macro Rose-Print Dress, Black Pattern

Dolce e Gabbana cocktail dress is a unique dress designed with rose-print brocade and a jewel neckline. The floral patterns are evenly distributed covering both the front and the back section of the dress. The full dress has an empire waist and A-line silhouette covering the back zip. The floral pattern is augmented with a black pattern. What brings out the floral strands of this collection is the wonderful artisanal workmanship and the choice of fabrics. One standout feature is the aborigine-toned glossy lacquered silk with embroidered blossoms trailing down the front.

Dolce e Gabbana Rose-Print Double-Breasted Coat, Black Pattern

The dress is tailored to a slim double-breasted design with white top stitching edges as well as black and gray velvet trailing the front part featuring rose print. The lower end features herringbone pattern with black stretch cotton fitted lases with peaked lapels and a small welt chest pocket. The neck design is collarless with a floral lace pattern on both sides of the pocket.

Chiffon-Trim Tweed Skirt, Gray

The Chiffon-trim tweed skirt with is designed with gray and black silk-cotton blend featuring an elasticated neck. The dress is built in different sizes with ranging from size 40 to 42.This is the most common design with dot printed lower end

Dolce e Gabbana Floral Bouquet Pleated Miniskirt, Black

The pleated dress have floral bouquet print all over the dark background. The waste is solidified using a solid waistband thus making the lower part of the dress to sprout like a flower. It also has a pleated A-line Silhouette crafted using silk and rayon. The design was originally inspired by the common eclectic style of the of the D&G of using deeply colored animal prints taking the style to some levels higher when designed as a dress. The dark part is first sketched, and then the floral pattern is outlined in such a way that they go along with the background color. Dolce e Gabbana is designed to be more concerned about developing the best designed and most flattering outfits. The designers would not seem to mind if their contribution to the history of fashion was entirely a black bra. The Sicilian culture is the most fundamental style evident in this pleated miniskirt that consistently marks the identity of this Italian fashion brand.

Rose-Print Chiffon Midi Dress, Black

This is an iconic design that extrapolates the extravagant and high romance fairy tales. This women dress is mixed up with rich hues and elaborate prints featuring floral banana leaf together with beaded dragonflies in the laces. The neckline is designed using exquisite tailoring with bright themes. Feminine yet playful, the colors of the patterns defines the uniqueness of the dress from the rest of the others.

Lace-Embroidered 1/2-Sleeve Cocktail Dress

The lace embroiled cocktail dress is a different design that features a jewel neckline, half sleeves and shift silhouette with scalloped hem. The back zip is hidden using a silk lining. It is arguably one of the most elegant designs in D&G fashion. The design re-establishes the glamour and the consistent culture of Dolce e Gabbana designs since its establishment in the 80s.The dress offers a thematic presentation that transcends the trend defined by the opulent embellishment and vibrant prints.

Sleeveless Hydrangea-Print Shell, Green Pattern

The design decadently presents a feminine aesthetic offset by the dramatic floral prints, and the well-chosen fabrics channel that provides the dress with a unique glamour. You will expect a bright dress with a clinched waist clearly detailing the pink color. The dress encapsulates labels the excellent talent from blending Italian design with a feminine flair. The dress has a voluminous, off the shoulder design featuring an empire line silhouette and an explicit floral print and a back button fastening.

Embellished shift dress

The dress is designed with features such as the feminine silhouettes clinched with luxe embellishment which makes it one of the stand-out favorite for many. Crafted using silk and rayon, the black embellishment features a round neck and sleeveless design, with decorative buttons at the back, finished with multicolored crystal embellishment for the front part.