$0.00 is the meeting place between wholesalers and retailers, which is a big deal for both sides of the spectrum. In past ages, retailers spent lots of time and money finding ways to find and get to wholesalers. It was a long and difficult process. First, finding a wholesaler, and then building a lasting, trusting, quality relationship. Often times neither wholesalers nor retailers made the most profit they could have, due to unfavorable selling conditions. The wholesale marketplace is a breakthrough in this type of interaction as it puts wholesalers across the globe right at the fingertips of retailers, who can then weigh the options and chose the best route of purchase.

Done through a clean, user-friendly interface, the online directory takes all of the stresses out of purchasing inventories by making all of the necessary information immediate and available. Detailed photos accompany written information regarding products, giving the interface a clean look while giving the user a wholesome experience. Alongside a detailed product description comes the original retail price, for example, $90 for a beanbag chair, with a slash through, followed by the true price, $49, labeled the “Doba Price”. A user can easily add this item to his or her inventory with a click of the large button “Add to inventory”. As related, the entire user experience is facile and streamlined. has a series of drop-down menus at the top of the page. Each is accompanied by a smoothly integrated background photo which curries the effect of a good user experience. The drop down menu includes Enterprise, which allows the user a deeper look into the wholesaler’s side of the industry, with detailed charts regarding inventory data and real-time access to information in this field. To request a demo of the enterprise feature, there is a contact box on the left of the page with the short and easy information required for fill-out.

The next drop down box is the “Hot Products” feature, which is an like inventory marked by large picture thumbnails and deeper product description pages. The product departments include Apparel, automotive, books, electronics, entertainment, health, home, kids, and sports. These departments encompass more than 2 million different wholesale items.

The next drop down is the “Features” page which holds extensive perks to the features of doba, all of which can be customized to make your experience better. This is a very crucial aspect of the business, and does well to make understanding the complexities of all sides of the process an easier endeavor.

The next drop down is “Pricing” which includes a detailed orientation on the pricing aspect of this business.

Finally, there is the “Be a supplier” which gives the user a good idea of the requirements involved in this endeavor.

A thirty day Free Trial to take advantage of all the benefits of this business is available, advertised on every page, and the sign-up is very simple. Contact information is also easily accessible at the bottom of every page: Doba Inc, 3401 North Thanksgiving Way, Suite 150, Lehi, UT, 84043.

For email, there is an available “contact us” link at the bottom of every page.

Although there are many free wholesale directories available online, the implied benefit of a paid directory is that it is being updated and packed with valuable sources. In order for it to be worthwhile for retailers to pay for access there has to be a list of wholesale sources that would otherwise be challenging to locate.