DNC Wholesale Distributor - A Review of the Wix-Based Streetwear Retail Hub


DNC Wholesale Distributor is an online retailer of name brand products in bulk. They sell overstock, liquidated products, and closeout items. Almost 100% of their business is conducted online and all of their traffic comes from organic search engine optimization. The company launched its Wix-based website in 2012.

Wholesale hub

DNC Wholesale is a name-brand wholesale distributor specializing in liquidated, overstock, and closeout items. They sell these items in bulk to businesses and consumers. Nearly 100 percent of their business comes online. They get all of their traffic through organic SEO, and their site was built on Wix. Fortunately for them, their website is easy to navigate. Here's what you can expect from the wholesale hub. To start, let's learn more about DNC Wholesale and why it's worth your time.

Streetwear wholesale distributor

In the world of streetwear, there are countless advantages to sourcing the products directly from a streetwear wholesale distributor. For one thing, the cost of production is significantly lower, and economies of scale help you achieve higher margins. Additionally, you can scale up production runs to meet the demand of your wholesale customers, thereby driving down COGS and naturally pushing your margins higher. These advantages are particularly valuable for streetwear brands, as many of them avoid partnering with retailers.

Rock bottom prices for name brand clothing

DNC Wholesale Distributor sells wholesale merchandise and name-brand items in bulk to corporations and individuals. The company relies on organic SEO and social media to generate the vast majority of its website traffic. Its website was created in 2012 using Wix, a platform widely used for e-commerce. The site offers thousands of name-brand items at rock-bottom prices.

SEO tools

DNC Wholesale Distributor is a website that sells wholesale merchandise including closeout, overstock, liquidated products, and name-brand products in bulk. The company targets corporations and individuals, but almost 100% of their business is online. They rely exclusively on organic SEO and built their site using Wix. Here, they discuss how Wix SEO tools helped them succeed. In addition to using Wix SEO tools, they also conduct outreach efforts and get articles and product reviews published in online directories.