Discover the possible contents of a Kohl's overstock pallet


Kohl's is a well known department store. They have a variety of products available for purchase. The store is able to satisfy residential and commercial needs for products and items. Sometimes, they need to liquidate some stock. This is where they sell stock and free up capital for a specific purpose. This could be to buy more stock or expand. In such cases, the department store sells products that have been arranged in overstock pallets. These pallets are sold to domestic or international clients. The pallets contain many items from the department store. These could be similar items or a diverse mix. Read on to learn about the possible contents of a Kohl's overstock pallet.

Contents of a pallet

A Kohl's overstock pallet can contain a variety of items. You can find used clothing, shoes, baby clothing, apparel, baby accessories, appliances, cell phones, handbags, electronics, television sets, furniture, and houseware too. You can also find swimwear, musical instruments, intimate wear, jewelry and and office supplies too. These items are all arranged into pallets holding up to 500 items each. After that, the pallets are loaded into trucks. Each vehicle can hold between 24 and 26 pallets. After loading, they can be sold and shipped locally or to any country in the world.

Brands that are represented in a Kohl's overstock pallet

This type of pallet normally holds a variety of items. These come from many different brands. Examples of these include Cuisinart, Nike, LG, Rachel Ray, Kitchenaid, OXO and Prada. In addition to that, you can find items from brands such as L'Oreal, Oakey, Yamaha, Samsung, Nokia, Hotpoint, Sharp, Phillips and Xerox. Seeing as the pallet can even hold tools, you can find brands such as Black and Decker and Makita. The products that are contained in a Kohl's overstock pallet are ideal for sale in a flea market, auctions and swap meets.

Features of the pallets

Generally, Kohl's overstock pallets contain products that are for sale at discount prices. Therefore, they are fast-moving products. When buying these pallets, you have the option to purchase 24 pallets at the standard price or 48 of them at a discounted price. The pallets can contain brand new or used items. Moreover, they can be tested or untested. Upon purchase of a pallet, there are a number of factors which you should know.

Important factors about the nature of a Kohl's overstock pallet

The pallet and its contents are under no warranty. This is expressed or implied warranty. In addition to that, when you buy an overstock pallet from Kohl's, the purchase is final. This means that there can be no returns. 

You can specify what sort of contents you desire for your pallet before purchase. This is indicated in the order documents. For example, you can indicate that you want products of a specific category, a specific brand or simply a mix of everything that is available as overstock. One of the benefits of ordering a mixed product overstock pallet is that you have many brands and products to sell hence high chances of selling quickly at a profit.