Many of you that sell physical goods online are usually quite familiar with web portals and sites that provides huge quantities of general stock at considerably low prices. One website, in this field, that has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years is 

This site,, is specifically focused on the sale of merchandise by the truckload.

This online liquidity services market was created in the year 1998 and was initially designed as a liquidation auction website. As years went by, slowly started becoming an established authority within this particular online industry. By early 2011, this website had begun to average about seventy thousand visitors each month. This was largely due to the fact that by this period selling and buying goods through online market websites such as this one had gotten to the peak point of its popularity.

However, along with this websites soaring popularity during this period came a few negative reviews from customers and clients who felt that the company would sometimes misinform or mislead them over certain types of stock they were purchasing.

One thing you must remember about this online portal is that it offers services quite similar to those that eBay offer its customers. The difference is that in the details listed on the website for the available stock are purchased via auction, are largely sold in bulk and the state of the goods condition varies. They remove the middle man from your supply chain by providing you with direct access to inventory from large national retailers which has been returned, discontinued or overstocked.

Their trademark proprietary intelligence pricing technology commonly referred to as PIPE ensures you will always see the most up to date market prices for every product allowing you to bid comfortably, confidently and get the best possible deal you can get. Refurbished products are received, tested and refurbished at one of their in house facilities. Items are returned to the manufacturers original specifications, warrantied and then placed in retail ready or original packages.

No matter the size of your business you can purchase goods in bulk for a fraction of the retail price. The direct liquidation real time bidding platform is feature rich but extremely easy to use. Simply register and confirm a free user account to start shopping in over one hundred categories of products. Thanks to's exclusive partnerships between them and top national retailers and manufacturers, direct liquidation source only high quality products from tier one brands. All auction transactions include integrated shipping and profit calculators so that you can be able to see your estimated margins for placing a bid

This review can prove to you that this online company is no doubt an established one, even though that doesn't really mean much on the online forum. Like in many other business ventures you undertake you usually have to proceed with care, this situation is no different. Traffic stats has considerably dropped from the year 2012, however, the site still remains considerably popular in its respective field.