DealDash Review - Is a Scam?


What is It is a site that allows users to bid on different products. There's an app, too, but is it a scam? The website targets American consumers, but it's not a scam. Here's a look. Whether it's a scam or a legit way to make money, DealDash is worth checking out. If you like to bid on products and win them, you should try it out.

DealDash is a website where you can bid on products

You can save a ton of money on DealDash, a website where you can bid on and buy products. The website has millions of loyal users and has raised $2 million from investors. But it has been plagued by lawsuits and misinformation. How does DealDash make money? In a nutshell, DealDash makes money by selling bids. One bid costs $0.12, but a thousand can sell for $120. If you win the auction, you'll get all your bids for free.

In order to participate in a DealDash auction, you must purchase "bids" to participate. Bids are not always equal to the actual product cost, so the amount you pay may be more than you originally intended to spend. Bids can be purchased in multiples of four for $12. The site also offers promotional packs for bids. In addition, DealDash offers detailed explanations of how auctions work and how the website makes its money.

There are many positive reviews about DealDash. On Trustpilot, it has more than 2,800 reviews with a 4.5 star rating. Customers rate DealDash highly on Facebook and on TrustPilot, and it is rated "A" on SiteJabber. In addition, the company proudly displays its Better Business Bureau accreditation and A+ rating, which is currently listed as "NR." But the BBB is continually updating its information.

A common problem with DealDash is that it has an excessive number of advertisements. The website is designed to keep consumers interested by offering the chance to save bids on products at full price. Occasionally, users must change their bids or buy something else to take advantage of the bargain. However, the By It Now feature on DealDash makes it more profitable to buy items at full price. This feature is the one saving grace.

It also has an app

A new mobile app from DealDash has made browsing and bidding on items a breeze. It allows you to browse through articles and place bids on items. It is also competitive, so you should be prepared to pay for your bids. DealDash is available on both Android and Apple platforms. The app is available on iOS, Mac OS X, Windows Phone, and netbooks. Before you download the app, check if your device supports its use.

The DealDash app is designed to make it easy to bid on auction items while on the go. It supports iOS 9 and also allows users to log in using Facebook accounts. Developers have made the app more user-friendly, as there are more than 100 reviews in the iTunes store. It has received a 4.5-star rating. While the app is geared towards people who frequently shop online, it also works well with regular browsers.

It targets American consumers

If you're looking for a way to get cheap name-brand products at the lowest prices possible, then Dealdash might be the site for you. This website was founded in 2009 and has millions of paying users in the United States, primarily retirees. Though purportedly based in Finland, the company targets American consumers exclusively. It also ships merchandise only to the United States, which makes it the perfect place to buy cheap, counterfeit items.

It's not a scam

If you are interested in becoming a penny auction winner, DealDash may be an option for you. The website features a large selection of high-quality products and boasts of being "easy to win, fair, and honest." Users have praised DealDash for its fair auctions, excellent service, and competitive prices. However, there are some concerns. Let's discuss them in this DealDash review.

It is easy to fall victim to deal dash's misrepresentations and fake auctions. Some users have complained about losing bids and getting nothing in return. Many other users have also expressed their frustration with the site, noting that the profile pictures and descriptions of each user are identical. Some have even been accused of using bots to ensure that their auctions remain running and don't stop, a characteristic that is common to scam sites.

The website appears to have multiple trademarks, including the name of its founder. While the website does not mention Wolfram, the company's trademarks have many trademarks and appear to belong to the same company. The trademarks of several DealDash brands are registered under the same Hong Kong-based company, Galton Voysey Limited. If you are interested in using DealDash, here are some tips.

While DealDash was launched in 2009, it was recently acquired by Swoopo, a popular penny auction site in Europe. It also has a strong history of being the most prominent penny auction site in the US. Furthermore, DealDash is one of the largest penny auction sites in the world. And it has continued to grow over the past decade. However, despite the reputation of its founders, is not a scam.