Create Your Own Retail Or Wholesale Deal Site


You can increase your product sales by creating your own retail or wholesale deal site.

While most retailers, and wholesalers, limit their sales to their own e-commerce websites, or Amazon FBA and eBay auctions, there is a lot more that you can do to increase your sales.

A deal site can be a great place to promote your products, and to earn affiliate commissions by promoting the products of other merchants. You can also use your deal site to generate revenue by charging advertisers to promote their products on the site. There are also affiliate programs that will give you coupon codes which you can place on your website. When a visitor activates one of those coupon codes, you will earn a commission.

You can promote your deal site for free by writing articles and submitting the articles to directories, by creating videos in which you discuss your deal site, and by using Facebook and WhatsApp to let people know about your deal site.

You should also include a link to the deal site from your main retail, or wholesale, website.

Brilliant Directories offers an online service to help you easily create a deal type site.

Create Your Own Retail Or Wholesale Deal Site Today!