Costco Wholesale Merchandise Pallets


What are Costco Wholesale Pallets?

Costco Wholesale is a warehouse club. The giant retailer auctions bulky items returned by customers. They guide the business buyers who are on contract on a way to access those bulky and overstock goods. As long as you are a Costco member, Costco wholesale services will be available to you regardless of the region. Reasons behind returning of these merchandise include wrong size, shipping damage, color, buyer remorse, duplicate items, wrong item or even no reason. Most of the Costco merchandise are sold online which is more convenient, fast and reliable.

What type of merchandise do they sell?

Costco Wholesale Pallets offer a wide range of merchandise including modern furniture, clothing, luxury home decor, natural beauty products, grocery, electronics, hardware, computers, appliances, automotive, office equipment and health products.

If a customer opens a packaging, then it can’t be returned to the sales room and these unused merchandise is part of grade A/B liquidation. About 75% of the original value of the wholesale are categorized as grade A/B after sorting, and Costco Returns Deport arranges a second period of visual screening prior to determination of the grade.

Volume or truckload sales product depend of licensing agreements and individual distribution which might be subject to change. This means before ordering a sale, a member has to inquire on the eligibility of the pallet with their sales representative before purchasing. Sometimes it is not economically reasonable to purchase mixed selection of products as it would waste time and increase when unpacking and repacking and assembling the orders. When items are purchased in pallets, the customer has a bigger chance of maximizing savings than ordering small merchandise which may require some minimum order thresholds.

When the stock become too small to be packaged as a pallet, the Costco Warehouses will liquidate these products as unsold merchandise.

What are grade C/D merchandise?

These are items returned by members or those in warehouse displays that fall below the standard of grade A/B liquidation. The merchandise in this category is estimated to fall between 50% and 74% of the original value of the merchandise. This means that not all the half of the original value can be considered to be grade A/B.

Could there be merchandise not functional?

Well, there is likelihood that during shipping and packing the pallets, may miss or others broken especially the fragile ones. These merchandise of poor quality will fall below the standards of grade C/D, called salvage grade.

Where do the buyers/ members buy the pallets?

The most common form of buying these merchandise is through the online program of Costco Wholesale. This is convenient to members with large orders of pallets and can pay for their merchandise via wire transfer, MasterCard, Visa or even Discover. Costco Wholesale has a volume sales department where orders are placed. A member is supposed to email their bid, list of their desired merchandise, item number, quality and their contacts to other assistance concerning the order of pallets like damaged, missing items, bill of landing or tracking information the customer should reach volume sales customer service on (509) 454-1390 or email Upon sending an order, an auto-generated response is sent to their emails confirming that their orders have been received.

There was a retailer that I met through my closeout business that purchased merchandise pallets from Costco on a regular basis. His store was located on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint, a few blocks away from my Brooklyn closeout business. Unfortunately the rents increased so much that he had to close his shop. But while he was in business he was receiving a nice assortment of brand name clothing and general merchandise in the pallets.