Corporate Messengers is an international shipping company based in London, United Kingdom. It handles a variety of freight on a regular basis, the bulk of which it forwards either via sea or air. The company majorly ships freight to Nigeria in addition to some other African countries. It is a very trusted shipping company that handles clients' wholesale cargo with a lot of precision and care.

Many of my Nigerian customers that have shopped at my closeout business have used them to have their wholesale orders transported to their shops in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and throughout the country.

Aside from the UK which is its main headquarters, Corporate Messengers also has presence in other countries such as France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, The Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai, Israel, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. It basically has offices in Europe, the North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Shipping and cargo handling services offered by Corporate Messengers

The shipping company offers the following six services:

1. Air freight

Corporate Messengers partners with major commercial and freight airlines to help clients send urgent goods to various destinations abroad. It offers free quotes and allows you to make comparisons and choose from a large list of competitive rates. You can drop your consignment at any of their depots or alternatively have them pick it up for you. Their air shipping service is indeed very timely and reliable.

2. Sea freight

Like in the case of air freight, Corporate Messengers provides a no obligation quote to clients who wish to use its sea shipping service.

The company's sea shipping service is very cost effective and efficient. All the consignments are ferried in a palletised form and are properly labeled for ease of identification at the destination port. Furthermore, the company provides both full and part container loading. This means that you can be able to cost effectively ship even a small quantity of consignment.

3. Procurement

The company also engages in procurement. It helps clients source and purchase consignments at the lowest price possible and the best possible quality. It acts on their behalf to ensure they get what they're looking for and that it also reaches them within the required time. Corporate Messengers undertakes every procurement step in accordance to the laws of a given state or country.

4. Handling and transportation

Corporate Messengers has a number of equipment and logistics in place to ensure that your consignment is safely transported. You can trust them to rightfully ferry any consignment you may want ferried to a given destination in Nigeria or any other place.

5. Crating and packaging

The company offers quality crating and packaging services. All this is in a bid to ensure that your consignment reaches its destination safely and in the right condition. They for example provide non-corrosive packaging for food items and chemicals and also bubble wrap for brittle consignment. They also provide ideal crates for various kinds of cargo.

6. Export and import consultation

Corporate Messengers is better placed to advise you on export and import matters. This is because it is an entity which has a wealth of experience in matters related to international business and shipment. Its staff can for example effectively advise you on issues such as import duty and other legal requirements.

How to contact Corporate Messengers

If you wish to engage Corporate Messengers' international shipping services, you can contact them on the following numbers and addresses:

Head Office - London38 Metropolitan Park, Halifax Road, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 8XU, United 208 578 4661+44 208 578 4662

France and the rest of EuropeTel: +44 208 578 4661Email:

USA | New York
Corporate Messengers Worldwide Inc. (NY)
177-15, 149th Road, Suite 202Jamaica, New York NY 11434USA
Tel: +1 718 995 4851Fax: +1 718 995 4840

You can visit the company's website to learn more about its shipping services. Best wishes.