Conference Call Services For Retailers And Wholesalers


A conference call is a primary term used in today’s world where a retailer or a wholesaler can initiate a telephone call online to several people simultaneously in a bid to close a deal.  

Many wholesalers and retailers have gone online, and in the most recent case because of Covid 19, where travel restrictions are the day's order. Wholesalers are up to ensuring that they communicate with the manufacturers, retailers, and designers to ensure that the sales always remain afloat. 

It's important to note that wholesalers play a significant role and bridge the gap between the manufacturer and the end-user. They must play a critical role in ensuring a seamless flow of goods from the start to the end. 

Below is an explanation showing how wholesalers take up conference calls to ensure that this flow is maintained. 

To Manufacturers- The fact that wholesalers are middlemen, they arrange conference calls with the manufactures. 

  • Goods packaged are of appropriate quality and quantity. 

  • Confirm that the goods are ready for access and use at the right time. 

  • Negotiate the price at a markup that they will be able to break even. 

  • Delivery dates are set as and when required by the  

To Retailers- The retail sector has experienced massive growth through conference calls from the wholesalers because of speed, communication of the goods delivery promptly, and ability to effectively communicate in the supply chain throughout the delivery process. This has enhanced good customer servicefaster decisions making and the networks continue to expand. 

Designers are not left out as they negotiate on the best way to manage customers with the trending designs of all needs, for instance, the best phones in the marketTeleconferencing ensures prompt delivery and what to clear from the stock as they await the trending designs to pick up. 

 All this is made possible through the various conference call providers. Some of the most prominent include; 

Microsoft Teams- This provider came in to replace skype calls, and it is suitable for all forms of businesses.  People can effectively speak through group chats, mute themselves when they need to listen and make decisions based on communication. 

GoToMeeting- This is a wonderful website for wholesalers and other small businesses. They can communicate effectively with the retailers when in a conference room. It has features such as HD video conferencing, no meeting limits, and the ability to share the screen. 

Webex-Webex, being a Cisco product, is well known for excellent quality in video and audio conferencing, and anyone making a sales deal will be comfortable using the provider. 

Mitel-Having been built on Google cloud, Mitel is reliable and secure for both video and audio telecommunications with the number of participants. The host can arrange meetings ahead of time. 

ClickMeeting- Marketing specialists get a fantastic experience using this webinar tool. It has a variety of tools to enable negotiation with different departments and close on a sale. 

Fuze- An excellent app for businesses that uses a wide range of devicesWholesalers and end-users conveniently use this app for effective communication. When looking for daily hurdle communications, especially with the retailers, will perfect the job because of reliability and openness for small meetings. 

Google Hangouts-Very effective for anyone with a Gmail account. Most importantly, it is free to use, and expect top-notch quality service to reach out to small-scale retailers when communicating. 

Zoom- Zoom has gained popularity in organizations mainly from the time Covid 19 struck. Its reliability, able to communicate to large teams, and low price are some factors that have boosted its usage over time. 

Blue Jeans- When looking for audio quality that comes at an affordable cost, Blue Jeans is the best teleconferencing service provider, primarily for small businesses like designers who require two or three people for effective communication. 


Choosing a good conference call service is not just for fun but will give way to getting huge business and retain it for a long time.