Comparing and Contrasting between Oberlo, Salehoo,


Wholesale Comparing and Contrasting between Oberlo, Salehoo,

Comparing and Contrasting between Oberlo, Salehoo,, and

Worldwide Brands is the source where suppliers derive the services that they offer to the retailers. The suppliers work online with Worldwide Brands in the delivery of the services. When comparing worldwide brands with Salehoo, a lot of reviews are there about the two that show that they seem to offer almost the same or similar services. They are both directories having approximately 8000 wholesalers and drop shippers. Both are free, and therefore no payment is required to join. Price difference exists for the two though for Salehoo one is required to pay $67 to have a lifetime membership and $299 for Worldwide Brands. 

Salehoo is a directory having over 8000 suppliers and was founded in 2005. On the other hand, Worldwide Brands was founded in 1999 and has an extensive coverage of every category that can be imagined.

The similarity between the two is that both have 8000 suppliers that are listed, but they have ten times as many products that can be searched through by the members in the database. This, therefore, gives the difference between the two in that Salehoo is joined freely, but much is needed for Worldwide Brands. It is also much higher in cost than any other alternatives. Another similarity between the two is that there is an active forum for Worldwide Brands just like Salehoo and that there is an inclusion of access in the basic membership fee. However, in general, Salehoo is a good product since it has low initial cost, has thousands of legitimate suppliers and that it has a presence of more than a million products that are listed.

Comparing Salehoo with Oberlo, we get to realize that the two companies help in running an online store. However, many differences exist for the two as well. The two seem to be allies and not rivals. Each of them has a unique thing to bring to the table. For Oberlo, drop shippers are allowed to directly sync into the online store while for Salehoo double checks are required to ensure that that the drop shippers used are 100% legitimate.

Price plans

Initially, Salehoo used to retail for US$67 lifetime membership. However, upgrading of its site has been done and expanded, and now the price has been pushed up to US$ 67 per year. The reason for this is for the coverage of the cost of all the new features. Price plans that are simple and flexible for using Oberlo are that it is $500 for products and there are 50available orders per month. For the the basic package offered costs $29 per month, and an advanced package is $69 per month, and it is accompanied by eBay data and access to elite seller support.