Cochran Bros Cash & Carry


The era of country music was changing dramatically at this time, and the Cochran Brothers stepped in to keep the momentum going. They backed established vocalists, primarily the Texan hillbillies that dotted the West Coast. Their records were released on the Ekko label and featured a number of stellar honky tonk singers, including Jess Willard, Riley Crabtree, and Al Dexter.

Cochran Brothers

Cochran Bros. Cash & Carry was founded in 1946 by B.F. Cochran, who raised all of his children on a farm. However, as his family grew, he realized that his small farm wasn't sufficient to feed a family of eight. In order to meet the needs of his family, he began selling groceries at local businesses, and the company grew.

In 1892, B.F. Cochran, a former school teacher and railroad man, opened a small store in Dublin. The Cochran Brothers Cash & Carry name came about on the ide of April 1916, when B.F. Cochran, a railroad man, and his brother, Milo Smith, Sr., decided to open a store together. Horace L. Smith later sold his shares and left the store to join the army. Guy V. Cochran and Milo Smith, Sr., became partners and the company was renamed Cochran Brothers Cash & Carry.

Cochran Brothers music

The Cochran Brothers were a popular country-western duo from the mid-1950s. Their music was exuberant and lighthearted, reminiscent of Chuck Berry's jukebox crooning. The brothers' origins in the record industry are somewhat murky. The brothers' family moved to Southern California in the early 1950s. They began making records in 1955 as half of the Cochran Brothers. Hank Cochran, Eddie's brother, went on to be an accomplished country songwriter in the 1960s.

The first single from the album, 'Lonely,' was a critically acclaimed song. The record reached the top spot on WSM radio in Nashville and featured the voice of Conway Twitty. Toby Keith co-starred with the singer in "Dukes of Hazard in Hollywood", and the film featured four original songs from the album. In addition to being a popular country singer, the song attracted the attention of a number of large companies, including General Motors, which sponsored the band's tour.

The Cochran Brothers recorded several albums over the years. In addition to being a successful country-rock duo, Eddie Cochran also became an acclaimed rockabilly singer. He worked with the famous rockabilly producer Jerry Capehart, who later became his manager. In mid-1956, Eddie Cochran received his big break when he was asked to appear in a movie directed by his friend Boris Petroff.

The Cochran Brothers also recorded a few rock and roll songs. "Tired & Sleepy" and "Something Else" were Cochran's most memorable records. After this, Eddie Cochran pursued a solo career. It took the brothers just a few years to become a major country band, but their music has remained a staple of American popular culture.

The brothers first began performing together at age 10 and were soon backed by a string band. In the mid-'60s, they became co-owners of the Nashville-based Pamper Records label with Price. They later won unanimously in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. After a decade-long absence, Cochran Brothers Cash & Carry music is still a favorite among country fans.

Cochran Brothers songs

The Cochran Brothers' Cash & Carry song list is a great example of classic country music. The group's sound is rooted in Americana and reflects a love of road trips and the freedom to roam. The lyrics reflect the heartache and humor of their life experiences. Several songs on the album have become standards among country music fans. A few stand-out songs include "Wild West" and "Satisfaction."

Several Cochran Brothers Cash & Carry song selections were recorded by a variety of artists, from Willie Nelson to Jamey Johnson. The album, "Living For a Song," is a tribute to Hank Cochran, who passed away from pancreatic cancer on July 15, 2010. Suzy Cochran recalled that her husband was "always there for me, even when no one else would come around."

One of the Cochran Brothers Cash & Carry song selections was a huge hit for Eddy Arnold and Ray Price in 1964. Other artists covered the song, including Pearl Jam in 1999 and the Eagles in 2003. The Cochran Brothers have the songwriting rights to the song, and it has become a well-known country classic. It's easy to see why this album is such a hit, despite its age.

Another hit for the band was "Last Kiss." Written by Georgia singer Wayne Cochran, the song was inspired by a fatal car accident in Barnesville, Ga. A different version was recorded in 1974 by Canadian band Wednesday, which charted at #34 and sold 200,000 copies. A similar song by Frank Wilson reached the top 100 the following year, but that failed to catch on. The song was discovered by Pearl Jam at a flea market in Seattle and the band recorded a version for their fan club.

Cochran Brothers lyrics

The Cochran Brothers' most famous song is "Cash & Carry," a cover of the Rolling Stones' 1960 hit "Satisfaction." In the video, the two brothers glide in tandem through the audience as they play the hit. The song's high-pitched horns end the performance. After the song, the Cochrans take a bow.