$0.00 is a no commissions or fees wholesale closeout marketplace. 

While many marketplaces require sellers to either pay a fee to list their merchandise, or charge a commission once their merchandise sells, operates differently.

The innovative marketplace obtains product listings, images, and prices, from the merchandise owners, and then sets prices at modest markups, allowing the owners to be able to sell their merchandise without incurring any additional costs. 

The wholesale site also allows wholesale buyers to purchase merchandise without having to pay any membership fees or buyer's premiums. 

The site lists merchandise in case, pallet, and truckload quantities, making its offerings affordable to Amazon sellers, flea market vendors, exporters, importers, ecommerce website operators, retailers, and wholesalers.

If you would like to list your merchandise for sale, please contact Donny Lowy at

You can watch this explanatory video to find out more about how to use the website.