Closeout Retail Arbitrage Without Looking Up From Your Phone


Closeout retail arbitrage is the process of purchasing closeouts at a discount from retailers, or even wholesalers, and then selling those products through another retail channel, and making a profit from the difference in the prices that those items can be sold in that different retail channel.

While retail arbitrage, especially the way it is presented by most YouTube videos, usually involves physically traveling to various stores, and then filling your shopping cart with products, hoping that the store doesn't limit your purchases once you get to the cash register, while still being unsure if by the time you sell the products there will still be a market for them at the higher price, there is a much easier way to do retail arbitrage.

The approach that you might want to take a look at is conducting online retail arbitrage.

While this approach also has its challenges, it will save you the time and expense of traveling to stores and warehouses. 

Using online arbitrage, you will look for products being sold online at heavy discounts by retailers such as department stores, brands, and discount retailers. You will then list those items on your website, and/or on eBay, and only buy the products once you have a made a sale. If the product is being sold at a steep enough discount, or it might sell out before you receive an order, then you might want to consider purchasing the product even before making a sale.

The key is to list products for sale that you can reasonably expect to resell at a decent markup.