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This article outlines the problems with, including how Supplies were sent to the wrong addresses, and who they recruited to join a work-at-home scheme. This article was written by U.S. military personnel based overseas, who were recruited into a fraudulent work-from-home scheme. You may also want to consider the company's credibility. But how do you know if it is legit?

Supplies were shipped to

A scam called swindled unsuspecting people into sending boxes of supplies to a freight-shipping company. These items would then be sent overseas to U.S. military personnel. When March orders started pouring in, the owner of the freight-shipping company suspected a scam was underway. After investigating, he halted the order process.

people recruited to work in a fraudulent work-from-home scheme

One of the common scams is a reshipping job. Such a scam requires people to receive packages at home and then recycle or discard packaging materials. In reality, these companies don't care about the quality of the products or packaging. Instead, they want people to re-package and re-ship their products. While a scam like this can be tempting, it is important to stay away from such schemes.

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U.S. military personnel based overseas

The number of active-duty U.S. military personnel based overseas has declined to below 200,000 for the first time in 60 years. This drop has been attributed to multiple countries, but it has been particularly pronounced in South Korea. As the country's relationship with North Korea deteriorates, the United States must find new ways to help the troops there. To accomplish this, it is essential that the United States continues to provide supplies and support to the military around the world.