China Perfume Wholesale - Why Consumers Prefer Non-Branded Scents Over Branded Ones


In this article, you will learn why Chinese consumers prefer non-branded perfumes over branded ones. We will also go over the various ways you can get your hands on these products, including buying them wholesale and dropshipping. Finally, we will explore the advantages of using China perfume wholesalers and dropshippers. This is an excellent way to sell non-branded perfumes at a discount price. Here are the benefits of working with a dropshipping company:

Chinese consumers prefer non-branded perfumes

According to Euromonitor International, Chinese consumers are looking beyond the cookie-cutter designer scent to more sophisticated, personalized scents. The global trend is also evident in China, where luxury fragrance sales have outpaced mass brands in the last five years. But while this is great news for brands, the trend remains a challenge. To break through this barrier, brands must educate their Chinese consumers about perfume. Read on to learn more about why Chinese consumers want to explore new scents.

The Chinese fragrance market may not be as large as other national markets, but the trend is increasing incrementally and gaining attention from the industry. The recent study from Sephora found that Chinese consumers are increasingly interested in fragrances, with a higher preference for eau de toilette over eau de parfum. While price sensitivity remains a key factor, the online experience is the primary source of information for fragrances. The Chinese consumer will test fragrances online and offline, but will ultimately choose the most affordable option based on its popularity and quality.

One way to increase brand penetration in China is to reach the younger generation with educational campaigns. This will help the brand create a need and increase brand exposure in their target market. Brands can educate their Chinese consumers about the various types of scents, as well as emulsions, and anchor their fragrances in their minds. Then they can use their marketing efforts to increase their brand's penetration and brand awareness in the country.

As a foreign brand, it's crucial to understand the differences in consumer behavior in the United States and China. Chinese perfume consumers have different ad copy and definitions of sex and beauty. The products they buy may not be suitable for the Chinese market. To avoid such pitfalls, foreign brands must understand the cultural differences and tailor their ads for the Chinese consumer. So, they should consider distributing their perfumes on Jingdong Ziying Store, one of the largest B2C e-commerce platforms in China.

The Chinese market for perfume is dominated by international groups like Estee Lauder, L'Oreal, Coty and Chanel. However, niche brands such as Jo Malone, Frederic Malle, Byredo, and Manzanita Capital are enjoying a growing share of the market. These international brands have built walls for their raw materials and craftsmanship and have a strong presence in the global market.

Chinese manufacturers

Chinese manufacturers of perfume are growing at a rapid pace, thanks to the country's dramatic expansion of manufacturing capabilities and consumer consumption. China has emerged as one of the world's largest producers and consumers of industrial products, with its population growing rapidly. Moreover, China's economy continues to grow rapidly and sustains a high rate of growth, thanks to successive increases in industrial output, domestic consumption, and foreign investment. For this reason, the Chinese market is booming.

For the best quality Chinese perfume, consider buying it from a reputed company. The Guangzhou Zuofon Perfume Co., Ltd is a trusted manufacturer of perfume with years of experience in the industry. Its perfume is approved by international quality standards. It also offers OEM/ODM services to suit the needs of different customers. Another reputed Chinese perfume manufacturer is Ocean Star Fragrance Co., Ltd., which has advanced technology and professional production lines.

Founded in 2002, Anhui Hyea Aromas has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since September 2020. Its sales in the third quarter of 2020 were 23.9 million yuan, up 2.9% from the previous quarter. It produces synthetic fragrances and supplies a number of global brands, including Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal S.A., and Beiersdorf. These companies are also on track to list on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2021.

Although Chinese fragrance manufacturers are still small in terms of market share, they're enjoying a booming recent history. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the sector's popularity. The country will become the second largest perfume market in the world by 2030, allowing Chinese perfumemakers to tap into an untapped market. The potential is enormous. The next five years will set the stage. But it is necessary to lay the foundation now.

Another leading fragrance oil manufacturer in China is Kedao, which is committed to developing and enhancing its fragrance oils. Its production facilities are equipped with sophisticated and automated machinery. This company also offers OEM services to global brands. Global Natural Spice is another Chinese perfume manufacturer with a proven track record of producing high-quality fragrance oils. Moreover, it is a professional perfume oil manufacturer, which offers high-quality fragrance oils at competitive prices. The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and is a preferred partner for international brands.

Chinese dropshippers

Buying wholesale perfumes from Chinese dropshippers is a great way to get a huge volume of a popular brand without the hassle of shipping products from a factory. The vast number of suppliers and manufacturers on Alibaba, the equivalent of Amazon in China, makes it easy to buy perfume in bulk without putting up an inventory. Chinese manufacturers will create custom labels for you, so you can personalize the bottle with your brand name.

FragranceNet is one of the most popular perfume dropshippers in China, offering established brands and fragrances in gift sets and travel sprays. They ship internationally, and have no minimum order requirement. If you're based in the US, FragranceNet is another option. They offer a dropshipping program and offer skincare and haircare products, as well as fragrances. The company even offers aromatherapy products and candles.

Alibaba is one of the largest wholesalers of perfume in China. They offer brand name fragrances at the lowest wholesale prices possible. And they guarantee their products are authentic. Their 58 warehouses have a daily delivery capacity of 2 million product cases. This company also sells pepper spray products. These wholesalers have vast experience in the perfume industry. Some have even begun selling pepper spray products on the internet. They are able to ship worldwide.

There are a wide variety of brands offered by these online perfume dropshippers. You can find perfumes, beauty products, skin care, and hair products. These suppliers also offer local collect service, which allows you to pick up your order at your local post office. If your items do not arrive as promised, you can contact the customer service department. In most cases, refunds will only be made if an item arrives damaged or has been mishandled. In such a situation, the customer must provide photos of the damaged product.

Chinese e-commerce platforms

A key to the success of a fragrance wholesaler in China is establishing a presence on one of the many Chinese e-commerce platforms. While the Chinese market is vast, there are still some specifics to consider when entering. For instance, foreign brands should ensure that they have a good reputation in China before venturing into the Chinese market. Alternatively, brands should be sure that their products can be found in more than one location to reach the widest possible audience.

First, make sure the website has a local presence in China. The Chinese internet population spends up to 40% of their daily time on the internet, which is why they trust Chinese websites over foreign-language ones. You can increase the chances of success by focusing on user experience and making your website as informative as possible. As a result, you can also leverage your brand's presence in China's biggest social media platform - WeChat.

Aside from perfumes, you can also find a variety of other items. Many of these platforms are full of clothing, toys, accessories, and mother-and-baby products. And if you're looking for something a little different, you can try a popular Chinese e-commerce platform like Kaola. If your brand's products have the highest quality, you can get them here at an affordable price.

Moreover, Chinese consumers are willing to spend money on products that they can see, like perfumes. The Chinese market for perfume is huge, and you can find a variety of niches for it. For example, perfume is an entry-level luxury for Chinese consumers. As a result, Chinese consumers are usually older than their Western counterparts. They begin buying perfumes in their mid to late 20s when they have more disposable income.

If you're a foreign brand, it may be best to start with one of the Chinese e-commerce platforms. Alibaba's Tmall is China's largest e-commerce platform by revenue as of 2021. Creating a presence on Tmall can help your perfume brand reach a global audience. If you're not familiar with Tmall, check out this guide to get started.