Chicago Protective Apparel Inc


The story of Chicago Protective Apparel began in 1913, and the company has been in business ever since. Today, the company is run by a fourth generation family and is celebrating its 105th anniversary. Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, the company has more than 20,000 different products available. The company is a great place to shop for work clothing, or to get a little inspiration for your next project.

Mechanix Wear has acquired Chicago Protective Apparel

Mechanix Wear is an established manufacturer of safety and protective apparel. Its product line includes coveralls, baselayer garments, aluminized and non-aluminized jackets, and spark deflectors. The company also distributes its products through industrial distributors and retail stores in over 20,000 locations worldwide. Founded in 1991, Mechanix Wear has been a leading name in safety and protective workwear.

The company's portfolio will continue to grow as Mechanix Wear continues to invest in the business. With this acquisition, the company will continue to offer a diverse portfolio of protective clothing and equipment. The combined companies are expected to produce more than 20,000 products, and Mechanix Wear plans to make the most of the combined company's extensive product offering. The acquisition of Chicago Protective Apparel will allow the company to expand its manufacturing capacity.

The company also expanded its sales and distribution network in North America. It will partner with LineDrive, a leading national industrial sales agency. The new partnership will focus on expanding Mechanix Wear's fire-resistant apparel solutions and hand protection solutions across North America. The company is committed to providing high-quality PPE to the market and aims to improve access to safety products. The company is committed to developing and improving its brand to ensure the safety of the working population.

Mechanix Wear's patented mold design has provided trusted hand protection for over 30 years. The company's engineers conducted in-house research and gathered feedback from workers. The focus on Fit, Feel, and Function was critical, as designers took into account the intricacies of the human eye, and the vulnerability of the unprotected worker. This means Mechanix Eyewear will offer superior performance in a range of industries, including construction and maintenance. Its eyewear will include anti-fog technology and certified impact protection.

Company has over 20,000 products

Founded in 1913, Chicago Protective Apparel is an American manufacturer of professional protective apparel. Its line of products includes aluminized jackets, flame-resistant garments, face shields, gloves, and welding curtains. Additionally, the company manufactures disposable protective apparel and gloves. The company has expanded its offerings over the years and currently has two manufacturing facilities. They have over 20,000 items to choose from.

The new owner of Chicago Protective Apparel is Mechanix Wear, a portfolio company of Gryphon Investors. The deal will create a global company that sells high-performance work gloves for a variety of applications, including automotive and welding. The products are sold at more than 20,000 retail locations and in 70 countries. The deal closes after the Mechanix Wear team has completed the integration.

Founded in 1912, Chicago Protective Apparel has over 20,000 products to meet the needs of industrial and commercial customers. With a more extensive production space and extensive understanding of new technologies, this company is a trusted and dependable source for protective clothing. In addition to protective apparel, they offer janitorial, medical, and industrial supplies. And they have a custom manufacturer of safety and industrial apparel, which is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Family-run company

If you are in need of protective apparel, consider purchasing your products from Chicago Protective Apparel, Inc., a family-owned business that was founded in 1913. Chicago Protective Apparel manufactures flame-resistant, aluminized, and leather garments. They also manufacture gloves, welding curtains, and disposable protective apparel. The company is headquartered in Skokie, Illinois.

The new ownership is committed to building on the company's 108-year-old heritage. Mechanix Wear, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance work gloves, has acquired the family-run company for a reported $240 million. The company is a portfolio company of Gryphon Investors. In addition to Mechanix Wear, Chicago Protective Apparel offers a broad range of protective equipment for a variety of industries, including construction, oil and gas, marine, and aerospace.