Charity Auctions Today - Pros and Cons


When looking for a platform for your charitable auction, Charity Auctions Today is one of the best options. They've partnered with PayPal, Stripe, and WePay to make the checkout process as easy as possible. This will allow you to discover if you've won the item you bid on and can even process shipping and delivery. Even better, they do all this without requiring a credit card. Whether you're an experienced auctioneer or just new to online auctions, Charity Auctions Today is here to help.

Online auction platform

Charity auctions today offers a user-friendly platform with pre-configured building blocks. Users can customize the blocks to fit the needs of their organization. Using the online auction platform, organizations can host live auctions and collect bids on donated items. However, there are some drawbacks. Let's look at some of them. This article will provide an overview of some of the pros and cons of Charity Auctions Today.

It's easy to set up a Charity Auctions Today auction with its three-step process. Simply answer a few questions about your event to create a unique auction listing, add bulk items, and share the auction URL. You can hold both live and silent auctions. Charity Auctions Today charges a percentage fee based on the plan you choose, which can quickly exceed flat fees. The software also integrates with Kindful, a database of charity donors.

To make your charity auctions more engaging, use the online auction platform's social media pages. Posting updates and photos on these pages is a great way to build interest. If your organization has a blog, this will give readers a sneak peek of what the auction is all about. Of course, make sure to provide a direct link to the registration page. This way, people will be able to register and bid on the auction.

If you're looking for a more streamlined way to host your silent auction, Qgiv's charity auction software is a good option. The software allows nonprofits to create an auction website without a dedicated web server. It also features a mobile app that eliminates paper bids. Qgiv's auction software starts at $229 a month, with a fee of 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction. Besides this, the platform provides comprehensive fundraising tools.

Mobile bidding

Unlike traditional paper bids, mobile bidding gives donors an experience that is completely in real time. For auction organizers, this real-time tracking helps them better manage the event. Furthermore, it enables hot bidding to increase the selling price of auction items. And, in the case of nonprofit organizations, outbid notifications can help them make the most of donated items. So, why is mobile bidding a good choice for charity auctions?

In addition to the ability to bid using your phone, Charity Auctions Today's software can help you manage the post-event process. For example, the system's inability to track the number of bidders and the amount of money raised may make the post-event process incredibly complex. Also, the software does not provide detailed reports, which may be a deal-breaker for some organizations. But, if you're looking for the easiest way to organize and manage your charity auction, Charity Auctions Today has plenty of features to help you create a successful online auction.

Another great feature of mobile bidding is that it raises more money than traditional paper bid sheets. It also allows event organizers to sell tickets automatically. And, the guests can bid right away, as long as they have a smartphone or tablet. And, unlike paper bid sheets, mobile bidding doesn't require a credit card. And, most important of all, it's quick and easy to use. This technology is becoming an increasingly popular tool for charity auctions.

If you're running a live charity auction, consider a mobile bidding kiosk. A mobile device or laptop can easily register with the help of a dedicated link. After registering, you'll receive a text message with the auction's link. Once registered, you can access your attendees' page to see who else has bid on your auction. That way, you'll know how many people have bid on each item.

Easy to set up

You can start your online charity auction in just three simple steps with Charity Auctions Today. You simply answer a few questions about the event and add bulk items. Then, you share your URL with the world, so people can start marketing your auction. Charity Auctions Today allows you to have both live and silent auctions. Their pricing plans are flat or percentage based, which may quickly exceed your budget. In addition to the flat fees, you can choose from a variety of plans and packages.

One of the most popular features of Charity Auctions Today is its mobile-friendly platform. It is easy to set up charity auctions for in-person events, while simultaneously supporting online events. This software also features bidding from mobile devices, enabling donors to place bids on the go and keep track of how much they've raised. It also features gamification and live streaming, making your event even more successful.

Before you begin a charity auction, you must determine the date and time. You will also need a location. You may want to rent an auditorium for the event. Outdoor auctions are another option. Or, you can host your silent auction on your website. CharityAuctionsToday offers a free demo auction. And don't forget to set bidding rules. Bidding rules should limit the highest and lowest bids. You should also set rules for bidders to only change their bids if they were already at the top of the range. No bids will be accepted after the auction ends.

Another important feature of charity auction software is the ability to share your event's information on social media. Using social sharing buttons and an item wizard will help you set up your charity auction in just five minutes. You can also use 360MatchPro to automate the process of sending emails to those eligible supporters. If you're not sure about 360MatchPro, get a demo of the software. If you're not sure which platform will work for you, take a look at the features they offer.

Easy to manage

If you're looking for an easy-to-use website for your charity auctions, consider using Givergy. This platform lets donors browse through your auction catalog and place bids, and is social media-friendly. In addition to mobile bidding, you can promote your auctions on Twitter and Facebook. And because Givergy is fully customizable, you can customize your auction site to meet your organization's specific needs.

For those who don't want to spend a lot of money on a charity auction website, Snowball is a great option. You can add on additional features and functionality with affordable add-on packages. Alternatively, Handbid offers a dedicated auction platform and software solutions. Both Handbid and Snowball have plans to suit various nonprofit organizations. Both options come with a limited number of auctions, though you can also pay extra for more advanced features.

Another option to consider is Qtego. Marketed as America's number one mobile bidding platform, Qtego can help your nonprofit save time by automating the process and ensuring a smooth and profitable auction for everyone involved. Whether you're looking to replace paper bid sheets or simply increase donor engagement, Qtego can help you reach your goals. This auction website will streamline the whole auction process, from event registration to ticketing to auction item payment processing.

The best way to start a successful charity auction is to use the best tools available. You can easily create a charity auction website with free templates, but many people find these platforms too complicated. There are several platforms available for charity auctions, with each offering different features and prices. For example, Charity Auctions Today offers a customizable charity auction website with six event features. GiveSmart offers mobile bidding and text outbid notifications. It allows donors to submit auction items directly, and automatically generates bid sheets and other information.


If you're organizing a charity auction, you may be wondering about the cost of setting it up. Today, there are many software platforms that can help you with the process. Some of them are geared toward direct mail marketing, such as GivingMail. This software allows you to send personalized event invitations and thank you messages to your supporters. Others, like Auctria, offer additional fundraising tools, such as auction website design and tracking.

Charity Auctions Today offers a user-friendly platform and a variety of pre-configured building blocks that allow you to set up your auction easily. Other features of the software include live auction support and customizable email templates. Charity Auctions Today also offers a prepaid plan for $297 with a lower 3% fee. Charitable organizations can also opt for custom plans to meet their individual needs. But the biggest drawback of Charity Auctions Today is its cost.

Regardless of the type of auction, it's important that the event has adequate communication channels. A good example is the use of custom notifications that alert auction participants when they're outbid. In this way, they can focus on other items. Additionally, postpaid accounts can be set up to route commission fees to the winning bidder, and the organization keeps its auction earnings. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.