ChannelApe - The Command Center of Fulfillment


ChannelApe is the command center of fulfillment operations, which allows merchants to manage intelligent workflows across multiple locations. Using intelligent workflows, brands can achieve faster, seamless fulfillment. ChannelApe offers business intelligence and virtualized inventory to brands, enabling them to focus on flexible growth and creating a memorable customer experience. ChannelApe connects with Whiplash's scalable fulfillment platform, delivering real-time inventory and order management capabilities that enable merchants to ship from the best warehouse location.


In order to update the order information in your ChannelApe account, you must first have a valid ID to do so. You can't edit line item information or order status unless you include it in the request, otherwise all the data associated with the current saved order will be deleted. The ID of the order is the channelId of the channel, orderId of the business, alphabeticCurrencyCode, the currency used throughout the price fields, and status. The status of an order can be OPEN, CLOSED, IN_PROGRESS, CANCELLED, or PENDING. In some cases, it may be closed, canceled, or in-progress.

Product quality

The Comparably platform lets you post a job vacancy anonymously and match employers with qualified candidates. This online platform is also a channel for job applications, allowing you to post a job with the click of a button. ChannelApe serves markets in the United States, Japan, Europe, and Canada. Its products are designed for small and medium businesses, and it has received a 4.3 out of 5 product quality score - the highest rating possible. By contrast, the Consumer Goods industry has one of the worst quality scores, at 4.5.

Free trial

The free ChannelApe trial offers a full toolkit for D2C brands. The solution is a leading choice for building a web store, managing product catalogs, and handling inventory and orders. It is integrated with electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities, which are crucial for major retailers. Using this tool, businesses can send inventory updates to retail customers and exchange purchase orders with partners. It also helps organizations streamline their processes and empower their teams.

CData Arc is a fully-featured EDI and MFT solution for Channel Ape. Its modern API-based architecture and universal deployment options make it a perfect fit for ChannelApe's existing application infrastructure. The CData Arc connectors run as lightweight microservices in Docker containers. The software also complies with popular file transmission protocols. And, it's Drummond-certified.

ChannelApe also offers a free 7-day trial. The platform allows employers to post job opportunities, and ChannelApe allows candidates to apply anonymously. It then matches them with employers. The company serves the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Europe, and its Web applications are supported by web devices. Its product portfolio includes products for small and medium-sized businesses. Users rate the software's value for money and ROI highest.


ChannelApe, an inventory visibility management platform for high-SKU fashion brands, has undergone a significant rebranding campaign. With a mission to transform the fulfillment experience, the company is making a bold move and embracing a modern brand identity that will carry it for years to come. The rebranding campaign was started with the goal of ensuring that the brand will continue to be trusted by its partners.

Business model

ChannelApe offers a suite of software designed to help D2C brands grow and succeed online. Its solutions are the most popular choice for building web stores, connecting warehouses, managing product catalogs, and handling inventory and order management. For major retailers, electronic data interchange (EDI) is a critical component of doing business. With this software, brands can quickly send inventory updates to retail customers and exchange purchase orders with their partners.

CData Arc provided Channel Ape with a modern EDI and MFT solution. The company first purchased a starter license, and its engineers ran it for internal use. After successfully launching a pilot embedded EDI solution with a client, they purchased a full license. CData Arc is Drummond-certified and adheres to popular file transmission protocols. As a result, it provides businesses with a powerful, reliable, and affordable EDI and MFT solution.

The integration between ChannelApe and Pipe17 will improve interoperability for multi-channel brands. The combination of channel application integration will enable businesses to manage inventory, sales channels, and fulfillment across all their channels. Ultimately, ChannelApe will help businesses optimize inventory management, improve stock visibility and inventory control. This solution is ideal for ecommerce brands, which already use best-in-class tools to improve their customer experience.

ChannelApe's cloud-based software enables companies to automate redundant inventory management, order fulfillment, and fulfillment. The company selects a diverse set of 3PL providers from around the world, providing the flexibility to choose any region where it is needed. The platform is compatible with any Internet-enabled device. So, it's possible to run your business more efficiently and profitably. You'll be glad you did.