Buying Wholesale Clothing For Your eBay Sales


A wholesale business is one which products are bought in larger quantities majorly for resale, or the making of other merchandises or for other processes of the business. Wholesalers often provide their products to other wholesalers, government agencies, hospitals, schools, manufacturers and retailers.

There are a number of wholesale businesses across the globe. For example, in the USA it is estimated that the wholesaling companies handle a larger percentage of the products that are sold in the country. Further estimations put the number of workers employed by wholesale businesses in the USA to be above 8 million workers.

From the information provided above alone, we can already see the importance of wholesalers in the marketing channel.

Advantages of wholesale business

I. Brand exposure can be increased as you engage with a number of customers

II. Quicker and faster distribution of the product than selling retail in smaller quantities

III. A larger base of customers is able to be achieved

IV. More revenues for example in the case where large orders are made

Most people spend a great deal of time going through a number of items or merchandises available for sale or buying.EBay, a second-hand reseller, remains one of the popular online marketplaces. There are increasingly new ways invented to sell and buy and one of them is through buying in bulk and reselling. Bulk buying and reselling single items unlike buying in smaller quantities or individually is synonymous with consistency and is cheaper (more profitable).

There are also other online marketplaces, closeout businesses or suppliers, such as, My Web Wholesaler,,, and, from where you can purchase bulk merchandise. For example, through my New York closeout business, Closeout Explosion, you can purchase designer dresses for as low as 10% of the original retail price.

Bulk buying of wholesale clothing can be a great way of making sure that the products reach people in remote areas or smaller towns. To start the wholesale business of clothing on eBay for resale, first you need to open an account with EBay. Second, search for bulk or wholesale lots category. Under the wholesale lot classification, there are other subcategories including supplies and jewelry. Third, you bid for the auctions you have a preference. And finally, it is time to make cash by reselling your bulk items purchased. This process is repeated again and again whenever your supplies are exhausted.

Usually most of the bulk clothes available for buying are for various and specific brands (manufactures and suppliers) and are often what's left.The reason why they are available in bulk which will mean more profits for you is that the suppliers want someone to take the merchandize out of their hands. Sometimes though, the bulk lot items are varied and are put together by EBay merchants. To avoid any confusion that may arise, it is often proper for you to contact the particular seller on EBay and seek for any clarifications before any wholesale buying.

In conclusion, buying bulk clothing on eBay for resale can present a great business deal for you as a hobby or career. The flexibility and freedom that an EBay wholesale business presents are close to none. Traditional jobs would envy your working terms and time.

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