Buying Sears And Kmart Store Return Pallets


You have heard from your friends that they are buying wholesale pallets from bot Sears and K Mart and they are bragging about how much they are saving on fine quality merchandise. You get a little envious and wonder if you can do the same thing but do not know where to start because your friends won’t spoil their golden goose.

Now you can know as here is the gritty on Sears and K Mart pallets.

What Are These Pallets:

Just because you haven’t heard about them doesn’t mean it is some big secret for insiders only. Sears & K Mart pallets are simply those items that have been returned to their stores been damaged or are remains from closeout sales and discontinued items. They are all brand new and never have been used save for some of the damaged and returned merchandise.

How Are The Sold:

These items are put on pallets and sold at large discounts to liquidators, wholesalers and others whose business involves selling unwanted merchandise. Sears has gone the extra mile and has set up its own liquidation auction marketplace but you must be an approved buyer to access the inventory.

These buyers then bid on different pallets which may have an opening bid as the minimum purchase price. Don’t worry the price will go higher as there is competition for this stock.

What Merchandise Is Available:

Just about any item that Sears and K Mart sell in its stores is available on these pallets. This includes but not limited to: furniture, perfumes and colognes, tools, hardware items, toys, clothing and much more.

If you are planning on using these pallets to stock your new internet business, decide what you want to focus on and which items will give you the best return on your investment.

There Are Rules:

When selling wholesale pallets, especially from Sears and K mart, there are rules you need to follow and if you violate some of them you will be facing a $50,000 fine (per occurrence). Breaking the rules will not be cheap. What are the rules/

First, you must take all identifying tags, plates, labels, manuals, documents, price tags off the merchandise you purchase. One note, that is not the complete list of identifying marks you need to remove from the items. Nothing should remain that identifies the original seller.

Second, You cannot sell Sears or K Mart wholesale merchandise within 50 miles of a Sears or K Mart store or any of their affiliates. There is a list of these as well.

Third, you cannot sell their items via catalogs, internet or email ads. Again there is a list of places where you cannot sell these items.

A Few Words:

If you are thinking of using Sears or K Mart pallets to stock your internet business, then you need to think again. Their rules are strict and you should investigate to find them all so that you do not break any.

Of course, it is a good idea to investigate the wholesale return pallet industry to make sure you can comply with all the rules and laws involved with the industry. You do not want to lose your investment due to a simple mistake or ignorance.

There are other retailers that sell their merchandise by the pallet with less restrictions, so you might want to explore other options as well. It all depends on what your customers want to buy, and what price you can buy that merchandise for.