Buying From Wholesale Toy Distributors In China



Toy Wholesale Distributors In China


China can be a great source for wholesale toys for American retailers. Markets, such as the Yiwu Toys Market, can be sources for merchandise at true wholesale prices. 

Retailers can hire a market agent to help them with the procurement of toys, or can arrange their own buying trips.

Wisdom Kids International Co., Ltd is a toy wholesale supplier, a professional export factory with a history of more than ten years. Sweet Kids Toy Candy Factory Ltd is the first most trusted candy exporter, supplier and manufacturer in China since 2002. They are manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale plastic toys, promotional toys, plush toys, etc.

All of their toys are high quality, customizable and have a high warranty. In China, Best Century Crafts is continuously operating with a greater focus on the production, development and distribution of toys in various markets. Sagetown Technology Co., Ltd is professional in manufacturing, researching, developing and selling high quality toys all over the world.

As an experienced toy supplier from China, Relipet Manufacturing Co., Ltd started its toy business since 2012. Zhehua Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced toy supplier and manufacturer in China, founded in 2007. Yi Kang Plush Toys Co. is capable of producing over 1 million toys and exporting them to various overseas markets. It has also grown into a global enterprise that combines the development, research, sale and wholesale of toys.