Buying Factory Overruns in The Philippines


Are you considering buying factory overruns in the Philippines?

If you have experience with shopping online, you might already come across websites selling cosmetics, shoes, bags, jewelries, and other kind of trendy things. Sellers would claim that these items are much cheaper than similar items sold in malls and for this reason their merchandise became really salable. Especially for a buyer shopping on a limited budget such a budget friendly deal could be tempting, believing that it is about the same item that is being sold in malls. Other retailers would label their products as “original overruns” or “authentic overruns”.

Aside from the lower price, a buyer should know more about items that are labeled as authentic overruns. You need to be aware of the fact that there are some products out on sale that are actually no real “authentic overrun”. An overrun item is usually a brand name product that did not pass the quality standards of the company and for this reason is being sold for a cheaper price.

These items are not included in those products that are delivered to authorized distributors or in malls. They have some sort of imperfections but are still made from the original material to be found in branded items sold through the usual distribution channels.

Some retailers wrongly claim counterfeit or fake products as being overrun products. But even for imitations or counterfeit items there are still some classifications, depending on their quality. In this context, an overrun item would be the closed to the original, coming with great quality. Next to the overrun item is a replica. They are followed by class A and B. When you are shopping for cheap items it is recommended to know the value of what you are buying.

For overrun items the price range is around 50%-70% lower compared to malls. In Philippines you may find many shops specialized in selling overruns. Because the shopping power of the Filipino population is not so high, factory overruns in Philippines have become a trendy business.

One example of successful entrepreneur in the field of factory overruns in Philippines is Ed Paras. His entrepreneurial mindset made him a millionaire even if he did not have a previous background in the garments industry. The owner of Paras Alter station became a successful businessman in the overruns niche. He opened a repair and alterations store that expanded nationwide with branches in shopping malls.
His business grew when Paras began to venture into selling export overruns. These branded items are coming with a low price tag because they have factory defects. Paras began selling the overrun clothes in Greenhills and bazaars. His business started to grow when he met some Korean investors who brought some of his items in Korea. This way Paras became their trusted supplier. By selling export overruns he became soon a millionaire.

Factory overruns sold in Philippines come from different foreign countries like China, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. Factory overruns are goods that are manufactured under the quality standard, have some defect or are manufactured in excess of the original order. We recommend you to be very careful when purchasing any brand-name items promoted as “factory overruns”.

Below are three stores in the Philippines that sell clothing overruns.