Business Credit Cards For Retailers And Wholesalers


Retailers and wholesalers can greatly benefit from using business credit cards. In addition to being to carefully track and record business expenses, many credit cards have rewards programs that can really help a retailer or wholesaler grow their business.

What are business credit cards? Business credit cards are similar to personal credit cards; however, there are some key differences to be aware of. After all, it is wise to determine what is most important to you when you're trying to spread payments out over a number of different purchases, from high end electronics to small items such as grocery items.

One of the biggest advantages to business owners is that they can keep expenses on track. What are business credit cards used for? Just like personal credit, business expenses can be tracked and reported on an everyday basis. With expenses, business owners are able to see at a glance if certain expenditures are necessary or whether an item will simply lead to more spending and a debt build-up. Another benefit to business owners is that they are able to control their spending habits. Another benefit of many business credit cards, is the cash back option that they offer.

For example, the Spark Small Business credit offers rewards for your purchases, the CitiBusiness card offers American Airlines miles, Spark Cash from Capital One offers a 2% cash back reward on your spending, Ink Business Unlimited offers a 1.5% cash back reward, and the Ink Business Cash card offers a cash back reward option from 1 to 5% based on spending limits. In addition to these cards, there are many other business card programs available for established and new businesses.

For information on the best available business credit cards, take a look at this article from Forbes:

One way to see how business credit cards require you to manage your finances is to understand the three basic factors that contribute to the cost of operating a small-business. These factors include labor, property, and equipment. In today's economy, all three factors have risen in cost, which can have a direct impact on the profitability of a company. So how do you keep them in perspective? How do you know how much to charge for each category?

Apply for a business credit card that offers the best rewards programs. Rewards programs are great because they allow you to save money. For example, some credit cards offer cash back and other points that can be redeemed at the store, on websites or through other means. In order to receive these benefits, it is important to compare the different offers. The best business credit cards will have the options and features that best suit your needs.

Another way to keep costs under control and receive the best rewards is to find those business credit cards with rewards programs that offer the most for money saving options. Some companies will reward customers who spend at least a certain amount at their stores. Others will reward employees who spend a certain amount at the company. Still others may offer bonuses when customers use their card to make purchases. No matter the type of reward program, your ability to save money will increase if you apply for the right credit card with the best perks.

You also want to take a close look at the interest rates offered by credit cards. If you are like most consumers, you do not like to pay high interest rates. When you apply for credit cards with rewards programs, you will be able to take advantage of low interest rates that are associated with using credit cards. In most cases, credit card companies offer introductory rates that last between six months and a year.

If you are going to use your personal credit score to help you determine which business credit cards offer the best rewards, you must first establish a good personal credit score. Fortunately, this task has been made easier due to recent updates by the three major credit card issuers. Each of the credit-card issuers now allows consumers to access their credit scores online. This makes it possible for people to quickly see where their personal credit score stands. Knowing where you stand in terms of your personal credit score will help you determine the type of credit card that will best suit your needs.

One of the reasons that business credit cards are becoming so popular is that many small businesses are experiencing financial difficulty. Many small business owners rely on credit cards to get their business off the ground and stay open. The availability of business credit cards gives small business owners a way to start or expand their business without having to worry about personal loans. The availability of business credit cards also provides small business owners with an opportunity to improve their personal credit score.

Many retailers travel to the United States to buy wholesale products, from countries including Guyana, Jamaica, Nigeria, as well as many USA based retailers travel to countries such as China and Bangladesh to do their wholesale shopping. These retailers, and wholesalers, can really benefit from a card that offers rewards in the form of miles, since they can cash in those miles for free airplane tickets.

If you travel in the course of running your retail or wholesale business, especially if you travel internationally, you might want to check out these credit cards: