• Bulq.com is a source of liquidation inventory for retailers


    Bulq.com is a source of liquidation inventory for retailers

    One of the main factors which affects the profit of any online or offline retailer is the cost at which they have sourced the products which they are selling. Most retailers are looking for low priced suppliers, however finding suppliers can be time consuming and tedious as it is difficult to ascertain the quality of the products being supplied. While closeout, excess , returns are offered for sale at a low price, it is time consuming to find reliable suppliers. So many retailers who wish to order items from bulq.com, a supplier of liquidation inventory are looking for someone who is able to Review the bulq.com company, what products they sell, and what the ordering process is .

    Bulq.com is a company which was founded in 2004, and it specializes in selling liquidation inventory online at a low cost. They source their inventory from some of the leading retailers, closeout companies and other sources worldwide. They list products from many of the top brands which are available at the leading retailers in the country. The goods are available at a substantial discount, which is offered only to large liquidators like Bulq.com, Target and Groupon. One of the major problems in the liquidation sector, is the mismatch between the product ordered and delivered, however to overcome this problem, Bulq.com promises manifests of accuracy 98% or higher.

    The products sold at Bulq.com can be divided into six major categories , consumer electronics, computer and office, home and garden, toys and baby products, apparels & accessories and general merchandise and these categories are divided into further sub categories. The products sold can be classified based on the condition of the products. Brand new items have never been used, are available in their original packaging, while like new products are fully functional, though they may show some cosmetic defects. Uninspected returns, have not been inspected for quality, while scratch and dent items have cosmetic defects. The salvage items are non functional and damaged, so they are mainly used for parts.

    New inventory is listed daily at the website at 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm based on the availability, so retailers can check the website periodically for new inventory. Users can set their preferences on their profile page, to receive notifications when relevant products are available. For placing an order at bulq.com, the user has to create a user account and order the item. They can pay using major credit cards, paypal or paypal credit. On any single day, a customer can place an order for up to $10,000 at bulq.com, for higher value orders, they have to contact sales.

    Only orders with a shipping address in the United States (except Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska) are processed by bulq.com. Those who wish to export the items have to complete the export related formalities. Bulq.com offers complete logistic support for delivery of the items to the specified united states address with real time tracking . The business charges a flat amount as shipping charges for pallets at $200 per pallet and $30 per case. Most orders are shipped within one or two days of placing the order online. With more than one million customers, bulq.com is considered to be one of the most reliable sources of liquidation inventory.