BStock Solutions And Fundera Facilitate Wholesale Buying


Wholesale inventory management is a serious problem and one of the biggest challenges that small business owner face constantly. Your business sales can suddenly increase and you will have a need for more product. Your need for supply becomes imminent and the need for proper inventory management is required. When such unforeseen circumstances arise, a lot of small business owners usually don’t have cash in hand nor access to a good financial lender that will help them make the necessary purchases. This often leads to unending financial-inventory struggles for these business owners.

Imagine if you have the opportunity to purchase a pallet of department store dresses at below wholesale, but you simply don't have the budget to do so.

Or, what if an importer has a closeout lot that they are looking to liquidate, but you just don't have enough money to buy it?

Even worse, what if you receive a large order from a boutique, but you don't have the capital to purchase the merchandise from your supplier?

Fundera is an online credit marketplace for small businesses. Their mission is to offer help to small business owners, such as retailers or wholesalers, by ensuring that they can get enough capital needed to grow their businesses. With the current ongoing financial economic financial challenges, small business owners are being under-served services by the traditional banks. 

As a result, the owners of these businesses have been forced to turn to lenders that can charge them exorbitant feels. 

Fundera can supply them with capital that they need to sustain and grow their business with. The company is always looking for opportunities to work together with other companies who have the same missions and goals like them. Its desire is to be able to contribute to the growth of as many business as possible in the small business ecosystem.

B -Stock Solutions, a provider of marketplaces for retailers through which they can liquidate their excess merchandise, has partnered with Fundera to facilitate financing for retailers. 

B-Stock Solutions powers the biggest network of B-2-B liquidation market places which make-up the B-Stock Sourcing Network. The sourcing Network helps Small businesses to be able to buy products from other retailers or sell their excess inventory through online e-Bay like auctions. It is a completely unique platform and what sets it apart from others is the ability to connect sellers and buyers directly without price mark ups or liquidation middle-men.

B-stock has now partnered with Fundera in order to assist small business owners fund their inventory needs. The company is using Fundera as a funding choice for its many small business customers who are looking to finance purchases that are made across the B-stock Sourcing Network. B-Stock’s Director of Business Development Sean Cleland announced that his company is pleased to partner with Fundera in order to offer small businesses a transparent and easier platform access to bulk amounts of merchandise from various top manufacturers and retailers.

The online business financier has a platform that allows eBay sellers, Amazon FBA sellers, flea market vendors, distributors, retailers, closeout warehouses, and other types of businesses, to easily apply for a loan, and compare different financing options.

Loans guaranteed by the SBA are usually assessed by a guaranty fee that is based on the loan’s maturity and the amount guaranteed. Fees can range from zero-percent for loans under $150,000 and 3.5-percent on loans over $700, 000. An additional fee of 0.25-percent is paid for any guaranteed amount that is more than $ 1 million.Because of our partnership with B-Stock and government involvement, our SBA interest rates are relatively low and they can sometimes go to as low as 6 – 7 percent. There are different types of SBA loan programs for business owners to choose from and each has its own loan rate. To know your SBA interest rate, just plug your loan request amount into the online SBA loan calculator and find out the true cost of your loan.

The aim of the B-Stock – Fundera partnership is for small business owners that have time sensitive inventory needs to be able to secure financial help that they need.