Brilliant Directories Review & Offer For Retailers And Wholesalers


Imagine if you could create a membership site for your retail or wholesale customers. You can literally create an entire online ecosystem where your customers can interact with your business, see updates for your business, and purchase your products. You can charge a monthly or annual membership fee, or offer free access to your customers.

The Brilliant Directory software is an application enabling you to make your very own business directory website. Businesses were originally given the option to create unique sites with the software when it was introduced in 2009. 

Brilliant Directories expanded into a versatile service that has served hundreds of thousands of businesses and has some reputable organizations as customers. 

Entrepreneurs can use Brilliant Directories for their startup plans. This package is also popular with web designers due to its easy-to-use tools and features. A simple setup process and a wide selection of intuitive themes make this an irresistible offer. 

A Brief Overview Of The Benefits Of Brilliant Directories 

Brilliant Directories Has A Simple & Intuitive Design 

An important feature of the software is how easy it is to use. Website setup does not necessarily require the aid of a tech expert. With the intuitive and simple design features, even a rookie could use this program. Through its extensive color, font, and layout options, it lets you create a website that reflects your personality. You can do it all with just a few clicks. 

Social Media Integration 

Brilliant Directories allows you to add your social media page links to the homepage of your company since social media marketing is so important today. Also, you can integrate your social pages with the app so that you never miss the chance to connect with your customers. 

Membership Options & Manager 

Membership packages can be customized for your clients. It can be free, or you can collect monthly or annual fees. With Brilliant Directories, you have all the options. With its Member Manager, you can view members' payment and email histories and search for them. If you prefer, you can transfer your existing website's members through CSV files. 

Email Outreach & Lead Generation Tools 

Thanks to the wide variety of themes available, Brilliant Directories makes running and designing your website easy. To make sure that you don't miss out on prospective customers, it also features Lead Generation and Email Outreach tools. Additionally, it allows you to create targeted web content that is SEO-friendly. This ensures that it’s easy for people to find you online. 

What Services Or Features Can Brilliant Directories Offer Your Business? 

Over 20,000 websites have been successfully helped by Brilliant Directories, and we are still growing. With the robust platform and features, businesses will be able to work smarter and more efficiently. Some of the top features include: 

Branding and Overall Look  

Using Brilliant Directory means you can create a professional website without the hassle of a coder. Within minutes, anyone can build a sleek and neat website. Further enhancing the visibility of your brand, it offers features like design settings, image uploads, and logo uploading. 

Membership Management  

As soon as a member subscribes, Brilliant Directories is available for use. With Brilliant Directories, you can manage existing members, create customized form fields, create membership plans, and import new members. 

Process Payments 

Brilliant Directories has a single payment processing solution that can be integrated seamlessly with PayPal, Authorize.Net, and many other payment gateways. One platform allows businesses to manage past-due payments, transactions, and member subscriptions. 

Email Outreach & Marketing 

With Brilliant Directories, you can create better marketing programs. The email marketing feature allows users to collect newsletter subscribers and send emails to contact lists. Additionally, corporations can schedule campaigns and send out collateral every week and every month. 

Tools For Lead Generation  

Now you can attract more visitors to your business’s website. The Brilliant Directories app offers its members the option to generate leads that can be used to increase sales. 


Targeted Content and SEO 

The staff members at Brilliant Directories are experts in SEO, having experience with Google, Yahoo, and Bing optimization. It is simple, quick, and easy to optimize a website once it is built on the platform. Companies that use it rank higher on search engines, benefit from better brand visibility. 

Hosting and Security  

Brilliant Directories offers an optimized and secured high-speed directory for your business. 

Technologies Featured In The Brilliant Directories Plans 

By utilizing the latest technologies, Brilliant Directories ensures that the platform is always up to date. Technologies featured include: 



Additional Features 

Members Portal 

Lead Generation Tools 

Versatile Themes 

Committee Management 


Color and Font Customization 

Segmented Email Lists 

Member Directories 

SEO Tools 

Financial Management 

Jobs Board 

Payment Processing 

Dues Management 

Email Templates 


Web Management 

Customizable Forms 

Social Media Integration 

Event Management 

Email Marketing 

Brilliant Directories Subscription Plans 

Subscribing to Brilliant Directories means opening up several features and opportunities for your community and brand. They offer an array of pricing plans that are not only beneficial to the business as a whole but also all business stakeholders. Below is a breakdown of the usual pricing plans: 


Lifetime Plan 

Monthly Plan 

Yearly Plan 

A one-time payment of $1,450 

Currently $145 per month. 

 The annual cost of $950 


There are many features included on every plan, including directory essentials, member management, finance tools, articles, design tools, lead generation tools, SEO management, and developer tools. Additionally, it offers free website tools, premium hosting, unlimited extensions, over 1,000 built-in features, and can manage 100,000 members. 


Is Brilliant Directories Actually Worth It? 

Brilliant Directories strives to create successful business relationships. Taking this approach allows them to increase productivity and improve community management. It can be customized to meet the needs of a wide range of industries without compromising performance. Using Brilliant Directories, you can set up membership plans, connect payment gateways, and generate revenue effectively. This is why Brilliant Directory is the perfect choice for creating online directories. 

Conclusion and Offer 

Data-driven decisions and efficient member management are the keys to success. Become a member of Brilliant Directories today! 


Brilliant Directories understands that every decision your business makes is important, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a result, they have decided to allow you to start for FREE using the link below. 


Using the trial link you will be able to: 

  • Launch Your Free Website by filling out the form 

  • Learn how to create membership plans, connect your payment gateway, and generate revenue 

  • Check out our features to make managing your community and maximizing productivity easier 

  • Get to know how members will be able to manage their to accounts by viewing, editing, and self-editing 

  • Create a demo site that matches your brand