Branded Stock Clothes Wholesale



Branded Stock Clothes Wholesale


We offer branded clothing, shoes and accessories from well-known designer brands around the world.

For corporate wholesalers, POSTSKRIPTUM GmbH offers more than 50,000 items of high-quality branded clothing, footwear and accessories intended for European buyers. Stock lots (Made in USA) Stock lots (Made in USA) Apparel (clothes and shoes) Bulk stock lots; Warehouse arrangement; clothing/shoes of major brands; Stock lots USA, INC. Exporter of warehouse and jobs. POSTSKRIPTUM GmbH is a wholesale clothing supplier offering women's, men's and children's clothing from leading European brands.

Kreskat offers a wide range of new stock clothing that we source from renowned and high quality brands from all over the world. If you are interested and looking for new clothes from well-known European fashion brands, they invite you to familiarize yourself with the range of brands: clothes and shoes for men, women and children. Clothing stock for all sellers from clothing wholesaler, fashion wholesaler and branded clothing distributor - Fashion Stocks GmbH. Their specialization is the wholesale of premium branded clothing through retail outlets.

We offer many well-known European brands of clothing for men, women and children. If you want to offer your customers the best brands at the best prices, they have a huge selection of wholesale branded clothing. The warehouse lot offers are reserved exclusively for their customers who are importers and overseas wholesalers of goods and brands in accordance with the territorial restrictions set by our suppliers and manufacturers. At Kreskat, becoming the leader in warehouse clothing wholesale is a mission, which means they can offer the best wholesale clothing for their customers and partners.

Distributor of stocks and sales of clothes, jeans and fashion accessories from the best and most famous brands. This is a great opportunity for resellers and wholesalers of branded clothing to purchase a large number of these products in bulk. The category includes all kinds of clothing stock lots, with a combination of clothing for women, men and children, as well as final stocks of wholesale clothing of a certain type. All bulk buyers will find different brands as well as non-branded wholesale merchandise or canceled stock orders.

The clothes in stock are original top brand clothes purchased directly from brand manufacturers and sold at a lower price. Since they are wholesalers, they buy in large quantities and are therefore able to deliver clothes from stock to our customers at lower prices. Facilities are brand new and they are constantly improving the quality of Kreskat warehouses to always meet all EU requirements and all clothing stocks are kept secure. All packaged clothes are of good quality and exported to USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia. All stock offers on 1 site Here, on this site, you will find hundreds of stock offers.

Here you can find many well-known brands such as Calvin Klein or Levis, as well as many off-brand clothing. The assortment of our clothing warehouse consists of outlet products, i.e. we can also import clothing stocks (brands) on a single order, which we usually do not have in stock. We offer favorable conditions and a wide range of designer clothes.

With each box you get a mixture of brand new and original clothing with tags attached. Whether you're looking for practical sportswear or high-end designer brands, wholesale offers a huge selection of varied and ever-changing selections. Whether you're looking for clothing, food and drink, or consumer electronics, Branded Stocklots has it all. But the company "Stoke Continent" was one of the first to receive the privilege to officially export to the CIS countries, first Stradivarius suits, then ZARA suits and in the same year shoes of all Inditex brands through TEMPE INDITEX GRUPO.

We operate both as a stationery store and as an online clothing wholesaler, so products can be ordered through the website, by email, by phone, or purchased directly from the warehouse. The minimum order is usually 50 pieces or 20 kg, depending on whether a particular clothing stock is sold by the piece or by the kilo. We are looking for the latest collections of original European famous brands in large quantities. For the past 10 years, our customers have trusted us to help them find fashion products for men, women and children.