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If you live in Canada, you can take advantage of the latest promo from Book Closeouts: 50% off audiobooks! The website has become Canadian-owned, so all books are shipped from Canada. And now, you can purchase in Canadian Dollars! That means no more border fees! All products are warehoused in Ontario. To get the most out of your purchase, you can also browse through the current deals, including 50% off audiobooks!


If you have a passion for books and love to collect old treasures, AbeBooks is the place for you. The AbeBooks marketplace features millions of books from old classics to newly-released textbooks, as well as rare and out-of-print titles. In addition to books, the site's marketplace also features vintage artwork, magazines, and sheet music, as well as collectibles such as coins, stamps, and other items.

AbeBooks is the largest global online marketplace for books. It connects buyers and sellers and makes it easy and safe for both parties. If you want to sell your own inventory on AbeBooks, all you need to do is register as a seller and fill out an application. Once accepted, your inventory will be displayed to millions of visitors weekly. AbeBooks bookcloseouts are the perfect venue for selling your used or collectible books.

Subscription fees are billed monthly. Your subscription fee is applied to your account on the first of each month, and you'll be billed accordingly. You can only sell 500 items at a time, but AbeBooks encourages new sellers to upload their inventory as soon as they activate their account. AbeBooks is also aware of the tax implications of running a business, so they recommend sellers seek professional advice if they are unsure about their tax obligations.

Bookcloseouts is a Canadian website that offers discounted books and other products. All items are shipped from Canada and are therefore available in Canadian Dollars. No border fees are applied to Canadian purchases. Currently, they have a 50% audiobook promo. To help you decide whether or not you want to purchase a book, the site has a comprehensive list of its bestsellers. The list also includes popular audiobooks and other items.

Selling books online is more than just shipping an inanimate object. Your customers may be returning to a favorite childhood memory, completing their PhD, or remembering a beloved person. No matter the reason, AbeBooks is the perfect place to sell all kinds of books online. From children's books to rare and out-of-print titles, you can sell almost any type of book online. And because AbeBooks accepts all kinds of items, whether they're rare or collectible, you can sell them all on the site.

In addition to books, AbeBooks also sells collectible items and fine art. These sellers are independent sellers, with millions of books available for sale. They include everything from new textbooks to forgotten, out-of-print titles. Other items available for purchase include fine art, vintage magazines, and collectibles. You can also find rare and out-of-print books, plus other interesting items. AbeBooks also offers a great selection of bargain books, as well as new items at very low prices.