The Blue Star Empire is a large empire that spans over a vast number of realms and games. Its many realms are known as the Pal'vryn Empire, the Kingdom of Andrial, and Ysgard. This article will cover the differences between each, as well as its various territories. The information contained in this article is intended to help you decide which to join. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


The top layer of Ysgard is similar to the Material Plane. Its weather is controlled by the gods. For example, the god of the north may make the realm gloomy, and the god of the south may make it warm. But if the gods do not control the weather, it is unpredictable, with many weather extremes ranging from blistering winters to flaming flowers and pollen.

Ysgard is comprised of three layers. The first layer is the Material Plane, while the other two are underground. This is the layer containing the mystical Nidavellir. There, you can find warm tunnels, hot springs, and geysers. You can also explore the Nidavellir, a subterranean plane filled with caverns and chaotic environments.

As for the Blue Star Empire, it is the driving force of the island. First to establish a foothold in Ysgard, it has progressively expanded its presence throughout the mainland. Its ruler is Orlath Azure, who succeeded his father two decades ago. There are many major noble houses in the region, and most cities and towns are under control of one or more of them. So, how do you play the game?

In the Outer Plane, Ysgard is known for its heavy connections with the Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil touches many places, including the Well of Urd and Mimir. Yggdrasil's roots are also found in the Ysgard, where they emerge near the gate-town Glorium. These roots connect the various half-worlds and host the ratatosks.

The Pal'vryn Empire

History has often been warped in second-hand retellings, but in this case, the true story is more likely to be the one given by the Blue Star. Founded by humans, the Pal'vryn Empire began as a gift to the Kingdom of Andrial, which was suffering from a split in its government. Its noble houses are large and powerful, and some are famous for their size.

The Kingdom of Andrial

The Kingdom of Andrial on Blue Star Empire was founded by humans. When the kingdom of Andrial fell to the enmity of other empires, Blue Star sent it a gift. The gift was disguised as a declaration of war, but Andrial did not accept it. Even though the gift was sent to win the loyalty of the Phalanx, the emperor remained hostile to Andrial.

The Blue Star Empire

The earth star is a strange place in the Blue Star Empire. It appears like an ordinary planet, but its importance lies in its peculiar sense of indifference. The martial arts are highly advocated on this planet. Fang Yun noticed that many of its inhabitants practice martial arts. A lone teenager also mastered martial arts on the earth star. In fact, martial arts have been advocated since the earliest days of the Blue Star Empire.

While there are no specific rules on the Blue Star's geography, it covers all climates and biomes in the game world. This allows for farming and raising of livestock and crops, and there is a fair amount of metal and lumber. The resources are fairly common, but relatively inefficient. It is for this reason that the main-land kingdoms concentrated in Blue Star chose these less-productive lands. The Blue Star Empire expanded into those lands as it began to flourish.

The Blue Star Empire's expansion was spurred by the need for resources. As the first faction to set foot on the island, the empire was also very prolific on the mainland. Its Emperor, Orlath Azure, has been in power for two decades, following his father. The empire's major noble houses dominate a majority of the cities and towns in the country. And the main houses are quite capable of enforcing their will.

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The Empire's expansionism

Despite their relatively low population, the Blue Star Empire's expansionism has made many of their neighbouring kingdoms jittery. While the natives of Blue Star are generally friendly and accommodating, they subtly try to conquer all of the lands around them. Some kingdoms joke that the Blue Star natives take the proverb "the way to a man's heart" literally. They are wary of any Blue Star noble bearing food.

In terms of political and cultural development, the Blue Star Empire is the driving force of Ysgard. First to take hold on the island, the Blue Star Empire has subsequently become more pronounced on the mainland. Its ruler is Orlath Azure, who succeeded his father two decades ago. The empire is dominated by the major noble houses of the continent, which in turn control the vast majority of cities and towns.

While La Resistance may be a treasonous clique, the Empire is most likely the logical extreme of the two. They may be a racist, xenophobic, and nationalist movement. In the context of political philosophy, an empire is a country that dominates its neighbors. In reality, the Empire is a powerful force, but it is not necessarily invincible.